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Reasons why a negative ion counter is needed

1. For product development

The figures show the performance
You need to pay attention to the negative ion generation capability of the product you are developing because it is the only factor that determines the performance.

An ion counter optimizes cost and performance
You need to measure ion counts during product development phase to improve the performance. If you do not have one, you have to get it done by a negative ion measurement service provider. It can cost as much as 200-300USD per sample and more depending on how many times you use the service. This is why you need to have an ion counter.

It is important to make sure that the final product disperses negative ions.
Many products made of natural ores, which are said to generate negative ions, emit no negative ion at all. Some air purifiers cannot disperse negative ions because negative ions generated by the ion generation unit disappear when they travel through the pipe and very few can reach the blow off point. Theories do not always work.

Ion count data is a must
While a free trial period and/or user testimonials will help to promote the product, showing ion count data is a must as the manufacturer. Customers want to see figures because they cannot see negative ions with the naked eye. This is why it is important to have ion count data.

2. For product promotion

Seeing is believing
If possible, you can actually measure negative ion counts in front of customers and show them the figures. We guarantee that it will work more than you can image. Seeing is believing.

Show the advantages
A comparison chart, which shows the advantages compared to competitors, always works to promote the product. The figures tell.
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