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Effects on the human body

Q.01 - The more negative ions, the better for health?
We do not have enough information to conclude the more the better. Various negative ion effects on the human body have been reported. Some medical literature written over half a century ago shows that high density negative ions are not always good for health.

However, there has been no report that high density negative ions have a negative effect while many negative ion generators have been in the market for many years, so there is no immediate health concern.
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Q.02 - Is there a recommended dosage of negative ions to enjoy beneficial effects?
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Q.03 - How are negative ions absorbed by the human body?
It is said that negative ions are absorbed by breathing and skin.
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Q.04 - How do negative ions work on the human body?
It has not been fully elucidated yet. It has been said that negatively charged electricity which negative ions posses or the chemical properties work on the human body.
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Q.05 - Can negative ion effects be affected by clothing?
Negative ion effects can be affected by the material of the clothing. This is because materials which generate positive static electricity such as nylon and vinyl neutralize negative ions.

Negative ions themselves and electrons they posses can pass through clothing and work on the human body. According to some research, the permeation rate of negative ions is approx. 10% and it varies depending on the material they pass through. We suggest you should check the material of your clothing in order to fully enjoy negative ion effects.
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Q.06 - Why do some negative ions have more effects on the human body than others?
Negative ions, which exist in the air, are categorized into small and large ions depending on the mass. Small ions, which are lighter and travel faster in the air, are more efficiently absorbed by the human body and produce more negative ion effects than large ions. It is said that the amount of electrons, which work on the boy, determine the negative ion effects.
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Q.07 - Does the human body sense negative ions through the five senses?
[Sense of sight] Air ions are too small to see with the naked eye. They are absorbed by dust floating in the air to form larger ions at or near the ground surface and you can see the larger ions. In other words, you can sense the negative ions visually. Here is an example. These photos show how cigarette smoke disappears. Large ions, which are formed when negative ions are absorbed by cigarette smoke particles, can be found on the inner wall of the tank. (Sorry, the photos are not clear enough to see them.)

[Sense of taste] It is not clear how they work but negative ions change taste. For example, coffee and water change taste after negative ion irradiation. You sense the negative ions indirectly. The same goes with the senses of touch/smell/hearing. However, you cannot sense directly except some examples.
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Q.08 - I only find positive effects on the internet. Is there any medical expert or researcher who claims negative ions have negative effects?
Some medical doctors and researchers say negative ions have negative effects. There are some books which show you both positive/negative effects such as:
Medical domain - theory and practice of air ion (co-authored by Syouichi Kimura and Masahiro Taniguchi, published by Nanzando)
We understand negative ions can be good or not depending on many factors.
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Q.09 - Are negative ions good for athlete's foot treatment? (Negative ions have antibacterial and deodorant effects.)
Some reports say that symptoms of athlete's foot can be improved by tourmaline but we are not sure if it is due to the negative ions generated by tourmaline.
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Q.10 - How do negative ions work on the liver?
We do not have much information about effects on the liver. According to medical literature, negative ion therapy can lower blood pressure of nephritis patients and produce a diuretic effect, thus depending on the symptoms the combination of the therapy and diuretics help patients to recover faster. Medical domain - theory and practice of air ion (co-authored by Syouichi Kimura and Masahiro Taniguchi, published by Nanzando)
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Q.11 - I heard "radiation rays = negative ions". Does this mean negative ions are harmful for the human body?
Negative ions are not harmful because they are different from radiation rays. Radiation rays cause ionization to form negative ions in the air, which may cause confusion.

* Negative ions are also generated by splashing water or lightning as static electricity is discharged.
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Q.12 - Do positive ions always produce negative effects on health?
While many research reports show that positive ions have negative effects on the human body, some indicate positive/no effects. There are far more research reports on (positive effects of) negative ions.
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Q.13 - Does negative ion therapy work for bronchial asthma?
We cannot say that bronchial asthma is cured by negative ion therapy but the symptoms can be quickly alleviated. This is because negative ions are said to help to expand bronchial tubes. Some hospitals use negative ions for the therapy of bronchial asthma.
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Q.14 - When were negative ions found to be good for health?
It is said that it was in the early 1990's when former Russian and German researchers, Sokoloff and Steffenssome, conducted some research.

In 1903 Sokoloff suggested that air ions have positive effects on rheumatism in the Caucasus region. Steffens made the first report on air ion therapy in 1910.
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Q.15 - Do negative ions generated by an airconditioner help to reduce the pulse?
It can be possible if the negative ions are generated by discharging method. This is because most of the negative ion generators, which have been used in clinical tests and worked to reduce pulse rate, employ this ion generation method.
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Q.16 - What is the best way for the body to absorb negative ions?
Using a negative ion generator is the best way to absorb negative ions because it generates negative ions whose density is higher than any other negative ion product. Negative ions' positive effects on the human body have been reported in medical literature since around 1900. Most of the effects were obtained by using negative ion generators. You can also refer to Effective way to take negative ions.
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Q.17 - Why do small ions have more effects on the body? Is there a reference book?
A statement, which suggests small ions have more effects on the human body than large ions, is found in this literature.
Medical domain - theory and practice of air ion (co-authored by Syouichi Kimura and Masahiro Taniguchi)
Large ions are less likely to be absorbed by the human body because their mobilities and coefficients of diffusion are smaller. Thus, more small ions work on the body and produce more effects compared with the same quantity of large ions. You can also refer to "Q06 Why do some negative ions have more effects on the human body than others?".
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Q.18 - Why does exposure to negative ions reduce irritability, tenseness, with increased calmness and stimulation?
This is often explained that negative ions work on the autonomic nervous system but this theory is not widely accepted. Negative ions control the sympathetic nervous system to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.
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Q.19 - Will negative ions help with depression?
We have received reports that our negative ion generators help to alleviate depression but it is not medically proven.
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Q.20 - Are there any reports on the clinical use of negative ions?
Negative ions have been used for various treatments for many years. The effects have been reported in medical literature. Please refer to "Negative ion effects reported in medical literature".
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Q.21 - Do negative ions have any effects on the human body when exercising ?
This clinical test was not carried out while patients were exercising but it shows negative ions have effects on pulse rates.
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Q.22 - Will negative ions help with Sick house syndrome?
It is not scientifically proven but negative ion products which remove formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can help to alleviate the symptoms.
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Q.23 - Do negative ions really work as well as antidepressants?
We have received some reports that negative ion therapy produces positive effects but negative ions are not medication. You should consult a doctor, if you need treatment.
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Q.24 - Are negative ion generators safe to use during pregnancy?
No negative effects on expecting mothers have been reported. However, you could turn off your negative ion generator until the baby is born in order to maintain psychological stability if you are nervous.
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Q.25 - Are negative ions beneficial to infants?
No study suggests that negative ions are less effective for infants.
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Q.26 - What are the long term effects (genetic or otherwise) of prolonged exposure to negative ions?
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Q.27 - What is a hormesis effect?
A substance, that is normally harmful to creatures, can produce positive effects when taken in a small dose.This phenomenon is a hormesis effect. Well-known examples are clothing and bedding products which include ores and hot spring water that contain radon as they emit a very small dose of radiation.

Radiation is harmful to the human body when it exceeds a certain level. However, a very small dose of radiation can produce positive effects. Scientifically, it has not been proven how radiation works positively.

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Q.28 - Do a hormesis effect and negative ions relate each other?
Some products such as clothing and bedding use radiation to produce a hormesis effect.
The air is ionized when the radiation is released. So, a hormesis effect and negative ions relate each other.
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Q.29 - Is there a safety standard for exposure to radiation?
According to the recommendations and guidance established by the ICRP (International Commission on Radiological Protection) in 1990, a dose limit for an average person is 1mSv per year, which is often referred to as a safety standard. This figure is an accumulated dose of exposure over a year and excludes natural (approx. 2.4mSV) and medical exposure such as X-ray inspection.
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Q.30 - Do you have a summary of negative ion effects on the human body?
You can refer to What are negative ion effects?.
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Q.31 - Do negative ions work for hay fever?
It has not been proven scientifically but many customers find that our negative ion products work for hay fever.
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