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What is the difference between negative ions and ozone?

Q.33 What is the difference between negative ions and ozone?
The differences are as follows.
Negative ions are negatively charged, while ozone is electronically neutral.

Effects on the human body
It is said that negative ions produce positive effects on the human body. Ozone is a gas which has a high ability to oxidize other substances. Highly concentrated ozone is harmful and it can even cause death. The safety standard is set by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, which is 0.1ppm or less in working areas.

The ozone layer located in the stratosphere contains highly concentrated ozone. Ozone works to prevent an excessive dose of UV radiation from reaching the earth's surface as it is harmful. The deodorant and sterilization effects of ozone are utilized in the medical, environmental and other industries. Negative ions purify the air and produce positive effects on the human body and are used for home appliances such as air purifiers/conditioners and hair dryers, and various industrial products as well.

Ozone generated with negative ions
Negative ion generators which employ the corona or other discharging methods generate ozone when electricity is discharged. You may have smelled ozone (simulating odor) when lightning occurs because ozone is generated in the atmosphere.
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
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You state that negative ions are found around a waterfall. Does rain or my shower produce negative ions?
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