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Is there an official standard for negative ions?

Q.39 Is there an official standard for negative ions?
There is a JIS standard as shown below.
JISB9929 Standard for measurement method of airbone ion density
In Japan, this is the only official standard for measurement of air ions as of Jun 2010.

Here is the table of contents.

[Table of contents]
1   Scope
2   Normative reference
3   Terms and definitions
4   Types and classification of measuring methods of airborne ion
4.1   Measuring method and classification of airborne ion density
4.2   Measuring method and classification relating to the evaluation of amount generated by the ion generator
5   Measuring method of airborne ion
5.1   Measuring method of airborne ion density
5.2   Measuring method relating to evaluation of the generated amount by the ion generator
6   Preparation of report
Annex 1 (informative)   Airborne ion density measuring device
Annex 2 (informative)   Method for evaluation of the removal effect of electricity fan ionizer with the charged plate monitor
Annex 3 (informative)   Method for generation of airborne ion
Annex 4 (informative)   A relationship between life span of ions and aerosol concentration
Annex 5 (informative)   A laminar flow test method within a condenser at a time of designing
[Quoted from]
Japanese Standards Association
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
(Universal Plan Co., Ltd.)
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