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How widely negative ions spread out

How widely negative ions spread out

Not always in the blow-off direction
As we mentioned in "How far negative ions travel", negative ion counts dramatically decrease as you go further away. The same goes with angled directions. It is possible that almost no negative ion molecule can be detected in the 30 degree direction. If you have such an ion generator, you always have to stay in the blow off direction in order to enjoy negative ions.

While cool air created by your air conditioner spreads throughout the room as time passes and temperature goes down, ion counts do not dramatically increase as time passes because negative ions vanish quickly. This is why negative ions need to spread in every direction.

Make sure negative ions spread in every direction
As mentioned above, a negative ion generator, which disperses negative ions to the blow off direction only, is not good for practical use. However, many models fail to perform this task because of technical difficulties. This is why you have to make sure that negative ions spread in every direction because you are not always in front of the generator.

How to make sure
Here is how to make sure that negative ions spread in every direction.
Coverage area
The coverage area is often decided by the manufacturer itself with no industry standard, so it is just for your reference.

Negative ion distribution
The negative ion distribution data shows how the ions spread. This data is not always available because very few companies disclose it. Here is the ion distribution data of the Ion House (discontinued).

15,000 negative ion molecules per 1cc at the corner of a 20m2 room

* Measured by a flat type air ion counter and our measurement method.
* Figures vary depending on air purification levels and other ambient conditions.
It is ideal to see how negative ions spread with the actual ion counts.
Performance is important
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Author: Masaharu Nemoto
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