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Negative ion water

17. Negative ion water

Q.17 - I heard that negative ion water can be made by natural ores. It this true?

A.17 - We are not sure if the word "Negative ion water" is scientifically correct. Natural ores such as tourmaline can make the pH of water greater as the number of negatively charged OH- increases, thus the water contains more negative ions. This is why natural ores are said to make water into "Negative ion water".
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
(Universal Plan Co., Ltd.)
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· Tourmaline stones make tap water tasty. I love tourmaline bathing because th  Mr. N.I Shizuoka, Japan

· I enjoy having a drink with the tasty water which does not smell like chlori  Mr. T.S Oita, Japan

· My husband suffered from chronic shoulder pain. The pain went away. My neck   Ms. K.A Mie, Japan

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