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How to Operate

1. Ion measurement
2. Zero adjustment
3. Measurement range
4. LCD display
 1. Ion measurement
Please note:

(1) Start measurement about 10 minutes after the counter is turned on for more accurate measurement.
(2) Start zero adjustment after the reading stabilizes.
 Open the zero adjustment cover
Untighten the screw and open the zero adjustment cover. The counter cannot suck the air when the cover is closed.

You can rotate the cover 180 degrees and tighten the screw to fix it as shown on the right image.
 Turn on
Turn on the power switch.
 Start measurement
The ion count is shown on the LCD display. The counter measures negative ions by default.

The image on the right shows 720(pcs/cc) of negative ions.

The reading x 1 is the actual ion count when (X1) is selected.

Push the to change to the positive ion measurement.

The image on the right shows 220(pcs/cc) of positive ions.

* Measure ions for about 10 minutes and then perform zero adjustment (again) if you need more accurate ion data when (X1) is selected and when the ion density is low.

The specially designed data collection software, which comes with this product, displays the ion count data in waveform.

Actual ion measurement
- Mobile negative ion generator -
Play time: 1:35
If the video does not start, please click here.
Actual ion measurement
- Radium stones -
Play time: 2:33
If the video does not start, please click here.
 2. Zero adjustment
Please note:

(1) Start zero adjustment after doing several measurements and the reading stabilizes.
(2) Perform zero adjustment when you switch to the positive <-> negative ion measurement.
 Push the to start zero adjustment
Push the for 2 or more seconds.

30 seconds are counted down as shown on the right image.
 Close the zero adjustment cover
Close the zero adjustment cover.
 Wait until the reading stabilizes
The ion data is displayed after the 30 seconds countdown.

Wait until the reading stabilizes.
 Push the and
Push the and then after the reading stabilizes.

Open the zero adjustment cover to complete the adjustment.

Turn on the fan to start measurement.
 3. Measurement range
Push the to change the measurement range. (X1->X10->X100)

The actual ion count is the reading x 1/10/100.

The above image shows
8350 x 1 = 8350 (pcs/cc)

Each range covers:
X1 = 0-20,000 (pcs/cc)
X10 = 0-200,000 (pcs/cc)
X100 = 0-2,000,000 (pcs/cc)
"19,999" is displayed when the ion count exceeds the range.
 4. LCD display
The LCD display employs a highly accurate temperature/humidity sensor.
It can measure temperature/humidity from 0/0 to 50/100 (C/%) R.H.

Push the to switch to the ion/temperature/humidity measurement.

Temperature measurement (accuracy: +/- 1.0C)

Humidity measurement (accuracy: +/- 5%)

Ion measurement (Minimum detectable ion density: 10pcs/cc)

Data collection software
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