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Ion measurement

Fig.1 shows the buttons.

Please follow the instructions below to measure the ion count. It is easy to operate!
 1. Select the mode
The COM-3800 works in 3 measurement modes.

 1. Positive/Negative ions simultaneously (Fig.2)
 2. Negative ions only (Fig.3)
 3. Positive ions only (Fig.4)

Push the to display the current mode.

Push or " to select the measurement mode.

 2. Change the measurement range
Push the to change the measurement range at anytime during measurement.
Range1: R1 = 0 - 8,000 (pcs/cc)
Range2: R2 = 0 - 50,000 (pcs/cc)
Range3: R3 = 0 - 500,000 (pcs/cc)
Range4: R4 = 0 - 5,000,000 (pcs/cc)
Fig.5 shows "R1" are selected.
 3. Start measurement
Push the to display "** START **". (Fig.6)

Measurement starts after "----" is displayed for 10 seconds. (Fig.7)
 4. Measured data
The current measured data is displayed on the LCD.

Fig.8 shows the negative and positive ion counts are 151(pcs/cc) and 0(pcs/cc) respectively in the simultaneous measurement mode.
 5. Software screen
Using the specially designed software, measured data can be shown in waveform. Please also refer to "Measurement Examples".
Built-in memory
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