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P/N: COM-3800
Product name Highly Accurate Air Ion Counter (Bi-Polar Type) COM-3800
Detectable ion Positive/Negative small air ions
Measurement method Ebert Gerdien capacitor method
Detectable mobility Ranges of small ions  |  What is a small ion?
Dimensions W130xH205xD250 (mm) (projections not included)
Weight Approx. 4.5kg
Internal power supply Nickel-Metal Hydride battery
External power supply AC adaptor 100-240VAC (50/60Hz) input, 12VDC output
Battery charging time approx. 4 hours
Operation hours approx. 2.5 hours when fully charged
How to charge Turn off the ion counter and connect the AC adaptor. The charge indication LED turns on while charging and it turns off when the charging is completed. It does not charge while measurement is in progress.
Consumption power Approx. 3.3W
Measurement range of the built-in thermometer 0-50C (32-122F) +/- 1%
Measurement range of the built-in hygrometer 5-95% +/- 5%
Measurement range 0 - 5,000,000 (pcs/cc).

Range1: R1 = 0 - 8,000 (pcs/cc)
Range2: R2 = 0 - 50,000 (pcs/cc)
Range3: R3 = 0 - 500,000 (pcs/cc)
Range4: R4 = 0 - 5,000,000 (pcs/cc)

Minimum detectable ion density 1 (pcs/cc)
Data collection 10 (times/sec)
Collected data display 3 (times/sec)
Display 16 x 2 dot-matrix LCD 16 characters LCD & Back light with dimmer function
Operating temperature range 5-35C (41-95F)
Operating humidity range 85% R.H. or below (no condensation)
Storage temperature range Room temperature
Storage humidity range Room humidity (no condensation)
Accessories ·100-240VAC compatible AC adaptor
·RS-232C cable
·RS-232C cable (reverse)
·USB serial conversion cable
·Specially designed software
·Specially designed aluminum box
·Instruction manual
·Warranty card
·Mobile negative ion genearotr for test operation
Made in Japan
Limited Warranty 1 year from the date of receipt
Contents - Highly Accurate Air Ion Counter (Bi-Polar Type) COM-3800 (More about this product)
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Part Names
How to Operate
Zero Adjustment
Ion measurement
Built-in memory
Measurement Examples
#1 Air Tamer (Ion Generator)
#2 Air Purifier A-500
#3 Ion House (Ion Generator)
#4 No negative ion generation
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Highly Accurate Air Ion Counter (Bi-Polar Type) COM-3800
Product Number:COM-3800
Product Name:Highly Accurate Air Ion Counter (Bi-Polar Type) COM-3800
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Highly Accurate Air Ion Counter (Bi-Polar Type) COM-3800
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