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How to Operate

 1. Air ion measurement
Please note: Air ion measurement can be greatly affected by ambient conditions such as temperature and humidity. (1) Use it on a stable desk or table. (2) Do not touch or move the counter during measurement. Static electricity can cause inaccurate measurement. (3) Proper grounding provides more accurate measurement.
 Turn on
 Measurement & Reading
No setting or calibration is required. You just place the sample close to the air intake part, turn on the ion counter and wait 30 seconds before you start to measure ions. You can refer to Actual negative ion measurements.

The actual ion count is [the reading] x [the selected measurement range].

e.g. The 102=100 range is selected.
Positive ion: 008 x 100 = 800 (pcs/cc)
Negative ion: 018 x 100 = 1800 (pcs/cc)
You can change the measurement range at any time.
 Measurement range
You can select:
102 range
103 range
104 range
 2. DC analog output
You can use the cable, which is included in the package, to connect a DC voltage meter or digital multimeter to the ion counter. DC voltage, which is in proportion to the ion count * **, is extracted from the counter. This allows you to remotely monitor the ion count. You do not need to stay close to the counter during the measurement!

* 1mV/1digit
** +/-1V is outputted when the reading is +/-1000.

For more details: Q&A How can I use the DC analog output jack?
Actual negative ion measurements (Photos)
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Ion Counter NKMH-103 (Bi-polar/Ultra wide range)
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Ion Counter NKMH-103 (Bi-polar/Ultra wide range)
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