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Q & A

1. How long is the life span of the AirTamer A302?
It is about 2 years. You can continue to use it after the life span if it works normally.
2. How can I clean the unit's exterior?
  • Turn unit off.
  • Gently wipe the exterior with a soft cloth moistened with warm water or mild detergents only. Do not use harsh solvents or chemicals for cleaning.
  • Remove all moisture with a soft, dry cloth.
*Note: Always allow the exterior to dry completely before turning your AirTamer A302 back on.
3. How long does it run on 2 x coin cell batteries?
It runs approx. 24 hours/day x 7 days.
4. I have a pacemaker. Can I use this product?
You should consult a doctor before use. The AirTamer A302 may interfere with the pacemaker function.
5. Do I have to wear around the neck when in use?
You can place it close to the body instead of wearing around the neck. It generates fewer negative ions but you can still enjoy negative ion effects.
6. Is this product water-proof?
It is not. Please be careful especially when raining.
7. I often wear a flu mask. Are negative ions absorbed before reaching my nose/mouth?
We do not have exact data but it has been said that a certain amount of negative ions permeate through cloth. However, a lot of negative ions are absorbed by the mask. We suggest you should expose at least the nose to take negative ions generated by the AirTamer A302.
8. Will it eliminate the harmful bacteria, pollen, and mold found in most homes or offices?
The AirTamer A302 is designed to be worn around the neck in order to purify the air around you. If you are looking for a negative ion generator which provides wider coverage, the "Mecical Ion Mini" is the option.
9. Should I run my air purifier all the time?
We suggest you should run it 24/7 if you do not mind the cost to replace the batteries every 7 days +/-.
10. Does it need filters?
No, it does not.
11. What's the price if I buy two/bulk?
Please "contact us" if you are going to purchase 10 pcs or more as we can offer discounts.
12. Is it true that no purifier can actually effectively remove industrial/transport pollution as the particles are too small?
The AirTamer A302 can remove small particles. Negative ions emitted by it and small particles combine together and fall onto the floor to remove the particles from the air.
13. What are the unique features of your negative ion generator compared with similar models?
The unique features of the AirTamer A302 are:
  1. As many as 420,000 (pcs/cc) negative ions detected at 32cm away
  2. As small as an MP3 player and only 51g
  3. Low power consumption (runs on 2 x coin shaped lithium batteries for 7 days continuously)
  4. Clippable
  5. Stylish yet simple
14. What does pcs/cc stand for?
It stands for the number of negative ion molecules contained in 1cc.
15. Do all particles/waste/dust collect inside the machine?
No, they do not. They combine with negative ions and fall onto the floor.
16. Will it protect the wearer from the effects of second-hand smoke?
It cannot remove cigarette smoke completely but we have received many reports that it helps.
17. Many air purifiers leave a stain if placed near a wall. Will this device stain my clothing?
It does not leave a stain. Both the AirTamer A302 and clothing move as you move, while air purifiers placed near a wall do not and maintain the distance to the wall.
18. Do I need to purchase any consumables on a regular basis?
No, you do not.
19. Do negative ions have an effect on odors? My co-worker wears a very strong perfume will this device help remove the offensive smell?
The AirTamer A302 does not provide wider coverage. It will not remove the smell completely. If you are looking for a negative ion generator which provides wider coverage, the "Medical Ion Mini" is the option.
20. Does this negative ion generator come with a warranty?
We offer a one year warranty.
21. Does it generate wind noise?
No, it does not.
22. Why does it have such high air purification capabilities?

Specially designed conductive strap & High efficiency electrical charge process
We have measured ion counts of many mobile negative ion generators since 1996. Most of them generate fewer ions than the manufacturers claim. Some products generate no ion at all!

This is because it is hard for mobile generators to obtain a good grounding effect. A negative ion generator cannot convert electric power into negative ions effectively without good grounding.

The AirTamer has solved this technical problem. The specially designed conductive strap provides a good grounding effect and the high efficiency electrical charge process technology dramatically improves ion generation efficiency. This is why this product generates a lot of ions and has higher air purification capabilities than others.
23. Can I use this product in an airplane? I am afraid it may cause EMI interference.
This generator does not cause EMI interference. You can turn it on in an airplane. Electric appliances emit electromagnetic waves. The AirTamer A302 conforms to the FCC's (Federal Communications Commission) specifications Part 15 - Class B.
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