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Q & A

1. How long is the life span of the IONION?
It is about 3 years. The built-in transformer determines the life span. However, we offer only a one year warranty because the transformer can accidentally get damaged before the 3 years.
2. How long is the life span of the ionizing needles?
They will last longer than 3 years.
3. How can I take care of it?
You just remove dust from the ion blow off point to keep it clean. Please be sure to turn it off before cleaning.
4. How long does it run on 1 x alkaline dry battery?
It runs 8-10 hours/day x 7 days. The ion indication light starts blinking when the voltage starts dropping and it turns off when the battery gets flat.
5. I have a pacemaker. Can I use this product?
You should consult a doctor before use. The IONION may interfere with the pacemaker function.
6. Do I have to wear around the neck when in use?
You can place it close to the body instead of wearing around the neck.
7. Is this product water-proof?
It is not. Please be careful especially when raining.
8. I often wear a flu mask. Are negative ions absorbed before reaching my nose/mouth?
We do not have exact data but it has been said that a certain amount of negative ions permeate through cloth. However, a lot of negative ions are absorbed by the mask. We suggest you should expose at least the nose to take negative ions generated by the IONION.
9. Does the IONION maintain the same ion count while the ion indication light is blinking or generate less negative ions than when fully charged?
It maintains the ion count until the voltage drops down to 1.2V, starts generating less negative ions and stops when it reaches 0V.
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