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Instruction Manual for Polished Tourmaline

[Before use]
(1) Sterilize in boiling water for at least 10 minutes.
(2) Be careful with sharp edges of the stones.
Remove limescale from the stone surfaces and dry under the sun on a regular basis. This does not affect the performance.
1. For drinking water and cooking
[How to use]
Fill 1/10 of the bottle with the polished tourmaline stones and put it into the fridge. Tasty tourmaline water will be ready in an hour or two. You can cook yummy rice with the tourmaline water and apply this technique to cook soup and other dishes.

*Please do not use the heat resistant net bag, which comes with the stones, for drinking water and cooking.
[Expected effects] (You can refer to Users Testimonials)
(1) It is mild and tasty.
(2) It does not smell like chlorine.
(3) Coffee, tea and whisky made/mixed from/with tourmaline water taste good.
(4) Rice steamed with tourmaline water is soft and tasty.
(5) Soup and dishes cooked with tourmaline water are yummy.
(6) Inside the thermos is kept cleaner and odors are reduced.
2. For tourmaline bathing
[How to use]
Put about 1kg of the stones into a standard bathtub to enjoy tourmaline bathing. Fill 1/10 of the bathtub for foot bathing.
[Expected effects] (You can refer to Users Testimonials)
(1) It is mild and comfortable.
(2) The body is well heated up and perspiration is stimulated.
(3) The body is kept warm.
(4) Blood circulation is improved and symptoms of chilblains are alleviated.
(5) The hair is softened.
(6) Symptoms of athlete's foot and atopic dermatitis are improved.
(7) It makes the skin soft and moisturized.
(8) The bathtub/washbasin are kept cleaner.
(9) Odors in the bathroom are reduced with less limescale.
(10) Water left over in the bathtub is good for laundry as it cleans clothing more effectively.
(11) Water left over in the bathtub can be used to stimulate growth of plants.
3. Other applications
[How to use]
(1) A handful of the tourmaline stones remove odors in the fridge. (Don't put them into water.)
(2) The tourmaline stones put into the aquarium reduce odors.
(3) Crushed tourmaline stones mixed with sand of your pet's toilet reduce offensive odors.
(4) Cigarettes taste mild after making contact with the tourmaline stones. (Smoking can damage your health.)

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