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Q & A for Polished Tourmaline

Q1. How long is the life span of the Polished Tourmaline?
A1. You can continue to use it almost eternally under normal use. It is said that tourmaline maintains the properties of an electronic stone unless extreme heat is applied to it. The Polished Tourmaline, which has a round shape, possesses the same properties as tourmaline ores. However, the performance can be affected by dust and particles when they stick to the surface during long time use. So, we suggest you wash the surface with water and dry under the sun on a regular basis.

Q2. What is an ideal amount for tourmaline bathing?
A2. 1kg is great for standard bathtubs. You can put the stones into the heat resistant net bag which is included in the package. You can also refer to Instruction Manual for Polished Tourmaline.

Q3. What is an ideal amount for drinking water?
A3. Filling 1/10 of the bottle with the Polished Tourmaline stones is great. You can also refer to Instruction Manual for Polished Tourmaline.

Q4. Do all the stones have similar dimensions?
A4. Some are larger/smaller than others. We cannot ensure a stable supply of the product whilst maintaining the current price if we select stones all of which have similar dimensions. This is because the total surface area, of smaller stones making contact with water, is greater than that of larger stones.

Q5. Does Polished Tourmaline, which is put in a room, generate negative ions?
A5. Only a very small amount can be generated even if every single stone generates negative ions. You need to fill a large area with a lot of stones. Otherwise, negative ions, which can be detected by a counter, are not generated.

Q6. What minerals does Polished Tourmaline contain?
A6. You can refer to the X-ray fluorescence analysis result of schorl tourmaline. This data is for your reference only because it varies depending on the sample.

X-ray fluorescence analysis result of schorl tourmaline

Element (Oxide) Content rate (%)
Na2O 3
Al2O3 42
SiO2 44
CaO 0.2
Ti 0.3
Mn 0.5
Fe 9

Please note:

1. This data contains slight measurement errors due to characteristics of the analysis.
2. Lighter elements are not detected due to characteristics of the analysis. (e.g. B)
3. Metal elements are shown in chemical symbols.

Q7. How long should I put the tourmaline stones in water? Is it OK if they stay in water for several hours or longer?
A7. It is ideal if they stay in water for an hour or two. However, you will be able to enjoy tourmaline effects even if the stones soak for 10-20 minutes only. Putting them in water for several hours or longer is no problem but you need to make sure that the water is kept in hygienic conditions.

Q8. Can I use this product along with bath salt?
A8. Yes, you can. Many customers enjoy tourmaline bathing with bath salt.
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