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Tourmaline Paint

Generates negative ions even when not in motion by the patented technology. 2-3x negative ions found naturally in the air. Used for many negative ion products due to the transparent color.
No.1514 Mr. T.O, Gunma, Japan

"I painted an air conditioner vent and an electric fan. Musty smell of the room has gone away!"
I painted an air conditioner vent and an electric fan as this product worked for my car. I removed the outer panel of the old air conditioner and painted the vent and inside the air conditioner. Musty smell of the room has completely gone away. I tried painting the fan and the metal wire net cover of an electric fan. The fan has become a negative ion generator! Negative ions immediately spread through out the room as the fan blows air. What a great ROI!
No.1507 Mr. T.O, Tokyo, Japan

"The sounds produced by the audio equipment are clearer. The engine response has greatly improved!"
I painted my audio equipment and the air filter of my car.

Audio: I painted inside the audio amplifier. I found some effects. The body no longer resonates with the sounds. The sounds are clearer. I also did fine tuning, so I am not sure if negative ions contribute to these effects.

Car: I painted inside the air filter box of my 1973 Alfa Romeo. The engine response has greatly improved. I think I found this effect because the engine uses a carburetor and it will not work for a fuel-injection car. I am not sure if the fuel efficiency has improved or not because I have just painted it. It was easy to paint on the metal surface and it stays. This paint is great because it is good for metal/plastic and it dries fast.
No.1506 Ms. O.S, Kanagawa, Japan

"The breeze is refreshing!"
I am happy because: There were stains on the wall of our house and the surface of some areas was peeling. I found this negative ion paint and purchased it along with the roller. I painted some areas where the surface was dirty as it was impossible to paint the whole wall. The roller helped me to paint. I also painted the surface of a folding fan. The breeze is refreshing. This product is not affordable but it is worth the price. Thank you.

I am not happy because: It was nicely packaged but it was leaking a little when I received the product.
No.950 Mr. I.K, Kanagawa, Japan

"I painted 2x approx. 16.7 square feet vinyl sheets and placed one in the bathroom and another in the living room. I feel I can breath better!"
I am happy because: I painted 2x approx. 16.7 square feet vinyl sheets and placed one in the bathroom and another in the living room in order to see how it would work. I feel I can breath better. (I live in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Pref.) FYI: My respiratory system is fine. The air is not dusty. However, it is different from when it is purified by an air purifier.

I am not happy because: You had better design a new container. The plastic tape wrapped around it was stained with the paint. A plastic bottle for medical applications would be great. The neck might be thin though. I transferred the paint into another container.

Other comments: I thought it would be easy to paint walls as it is liquid. However, it is quite difficult to paint because it drops while painting. (I am not a professional painter!) It would be great if a sheet form with some pattern were available, so that I could tack it to a wall. Please consider this request. e.g. Tourmaline sheet to tack to a wall.

[From Ion Trading] Thank you for you feedback and suggestions. We will do some tests again and choose a better sealed container in order to make sure that the paint does not drip during shipping. We will consider a sheet form.
No.539 Mr. T.K, Saitama, Japan

"I feel good because I am surrounded by negative ions!"
I decided to order the tourmaline paint because your website says that you just paint it to generate negative ions. I have painted on many surfaces. I feel good because I am surrounded by negative ions.
No.175 Mr. K.N, Tokyo, Japan

"I painted the flooring of the room. The odors have completely been removed!"
I have painted the flooring of the living room. It was strenuous work but the odor has gone. I was impressed with tourmaline's deodorant power. I will utilize it more because it is good for many applications and generates a lot of negative ions.
No.174 Mr. N, Gunma, Japan

"I painted the air filter box and the intercooler of my car. Engine response has been improved!"
I painted inside the air filter box and outside the intercooler of my car. Engine response is improved.
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