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Tourmaline Light Package

Tourmaline sheet for a bed-sheet and tourmaline stones for tourmaline bathing and drinking water.
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No.2222 Mr. R.P, California, United States
4 out of 5 stars

"The tourmaline sheet actually keeps you warm. "
The tourmaline sheet actually keeps you warm. Likewise, the stones were used in my glass water bottle, leave it there long enough, oddly the water has this slight ozone smell? It just smells and taste fresh. Have not tried the tub with stones like other reviews here, but will try soon. Great price for these two. Also fast shipping
No.911 Ms. S.M, Kyoto, Japan
4 out of 5 stars

"I got hay fever for the first time. This tourmaline sheet made me get better and better day after day!"
I am happy because: I had had no problem with my health until I got hay fever for the first time. I am 62 years old. I do not have enough exercise as I do not go out often. The symptoms were not serious but I wondered what I should do. I purchased the tourmaline sheet as it was affordable and looked effective. I placed it under my hemp bed sheet and then I got better and better day after day. It is important to keep the body warm to maintain a good health condition. Polished tourmaline stones put in the room are also working well. I will let you know if I find another effect. Thank you!

I am not happy because: It started to fray in a few days when I used it as a bed sheet. Laying directly on the sheet provided an uncomfortable feel, so I placed it under my hemp bed sheet.
No.1370 Mr. S.N, Fukushima, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"I put tourmaline stones into the bathtub as the water keeps me warm!"
I am happy because: I put tourmaline stones into the bathtub before filling it with hot water. The very mild water heats up inside the body and keeps warm. I feel so refreshed after bathing. I have poor blood circulation but I cannot use bath salt because a shower is not equipped in my bathroom and I use water stored in the bathtub to wash my hair/body. However, the tourmaline stones work as bath salt. I gave some to my father. He enjoys tourmaline bathing as he perspires.

The stones have not helped me to lose weight or worked for skin care. I decided to purchase this tourmaline package because the tourmaline sheet was included. I hoped the sheet would help me to have a better sleep. I could not sleep well when I started to use it because it caused head ache but I started to enjoy a better sleep after for a while. I found a customer who had the same experience on your testimonials page. I now sleep longer than needed. :-)

I am not happy because: The tourmaline sheet is smaller than my bed, so it always moves to either end of the bed while I am sleeping. You can supply tourmaline sheets of some sizes which have rubber bands at the four corners to be fixed to a bed, so that you can choose one which fits your bed. I would be happier if you would boil and disinfect tourmaline stones, so that I could start to use them immediately upon receipt.

Other comments: I did not know the Tourmaline Sheet and the Ecological Tourmaline Sheet were available when I placed this order. What is the difference between them?

[From Ion Trading] Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. We will consider rubber bands. The patented technology used in the Ecological Tourmaline Sheet ensures effective negative ion generation without friction or external force. The tourmaline sheet generates a lot of negative ions when placed on a bed sheet as friction is applied by the user.
No.1489 Ms. K.K, Chiba, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"I place the sheet under my bedsheet as I can sleep well. Skin becomes clear after tourmaline bathing!"
I found this package when I was about to purchase the sheet and stones separately. I place the tourmaline sheet under my bedsheet as I can relax and sleep well. Some stones placed beside my pillow my also be working. I put most of the stones into the bathtub. I am happy with tourmaline bathing as pores are cleaned and the skin becomes clear.
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Tourmaline Light Package
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