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Negative ion effects on the human body

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Negative ion effects on the human body

Not only stress alleviation and relaxation enhancement but also various effects have been reported.

1. Reported by our customers (Extracts from testimonials)
  • It helps me not only to relax but also it alleviates the stiffness of the neck! See more
  • I feel I can relax! See more
Sleep well
  • I have a good sleep! See more
  • I can sleep well and better energy! See more
  • I purchased the Air Tamer to remove cigarette smell. I am so happy as I can fall asleep well! See more
  • I suffered from fatigue and headache. The symptoms were alleviated on the 3rd day! See more
  • Symptoms of chronic fatigue and weariness were alleviated. I have less swelling in the body! See more
  • Neck stiffness caused by using computers is reduced! See more
Less stressed
  • I feel less stressed and tired. I can have a good night sleep! See more
  • I get less stressed with this device! See more
  • I get less stressed when I get stuck in a traffic jam! See more
  • I sleep much sounder and wake up refreshed in the morning! See more
  • We wife enjoy a deep sleep and we wake up so refreshed! See more
  • I do awake in the morning feeling more refreshed than before! See more
  • It removes cigarette smoke and helps me to relax and concentrate on work! See more
  • I can concentrate more on my study with the IONION. I cannot do without it! See more
  • He says he can concentrate on his study and have a better sleep! See more
  • The effect was fast. The migraine was minimizing by the minute! See more
  • It alleviates neck stiffness and migraine! See more
  • The air in the bathroom is refreshed. It helps to reduce migraine. See more
  • It alleviates the headache and makes me feel good! See more
  • It helps to alleviate headache. I can relax and concentrate on my duties! See more
  • I suffered from fatigue and headache. The symptoms were alleviated on the 3rd day! See more
Shoulder stiffness
  • My shoulder stiffness has subsided! See more
  • I was impressed when I found the stiffness in the shoulder was reduced in the morning! See more
  • My shoulder stiffness and irritation have greatly improved! See more
Back pain
  • I feel my back pain has been eased! See more
  • My friend's back pain is improved and he can sleep deeply! See more
  • Everyday I enjoy a good sleep. My mother-in-law is happy as it alleviates her back pain! See more
  • I had suffered from hayfever and swelling of the joints caused by rheumatism for 10 years. They have gone away! See more
  • Relief from pain caused by rheumatism! See more
  • I can raise my arms which I couldn't do before because of the pain! See more
Blood circulation
  • Blood circulation in the whole feet has improved! See more
  • My mother has been suffering from ASH (Ankylosing Spinal Hyperostosis). The pain was alleviated and blood circulation was improved! See more
  • My back pain reduce and the blood circulation is improving! See more
Hay fever
  • My runny nose caused by hayfever has not stopped completely but it has greatly improved! See more
  • I had coughing caused by hayfever, which was like an asthma attack. It has stopped and I can go out without wearing a mask! See more
  • I have hayfever. The symptoms do not completely disappear but I feel a little bit better! See more
2. Reported in books/literature (Negative ion effects reported in medical literature)
Negative ion effects reported in medical literature
High blood pressure Low blood pressure
Pulse rate Arteriosclerosis
Rheumatism Multiple sclerosis
Sleeping disorder Migraine
Epilepsy Bronchial asthma
Menopausal disorder Stress
3. Quoted by researchers in the field of negative ions
Category Negative ion Positive ion
General Tranquilization Stimulation
Inducement of sleep Disturbance of sleep
Subsidence of pain Headache
Appetite stimulation Uncomfortable feeling
Blood pressure Down Up
Pulse rate Down Up
Respiration Stabilized Stimulated
Capillary vessels Expand Shrink
Blood sugar levels Down Up
Blood lactic acid levels Down to normal quickly Down to normal slowly
Artificial anemia Restoration effect Significant restoration effect
Serum surface tension Up Down
Blood oxygen level Down Up
Oxygen consumption Down Up
Diuresis Stimulated Inhibited
Urine nitrogen level Up Down
Bowel movement   Constipated
Fatigue Prevented Worsened
Recovery stimulated Recovery delayed
Bone growth Positive effect Negative effect
Experimental scurvy Prevented Stimulated
Recovery stimulated Recovery delayed
Reference: Air ion and life, The negative ion research association
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
(Universal Plan Co., Ltd.)
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Feedback from our customers!

· I can have a good sleep and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning!  Mr. T.S Kanagawa, Japan

· We wife enjoy a deep sleep and we wake up so refreshed!  Mr. Y.T Aomori, Japan

· Neck stiffness has improved. My head no longer feels heavy!  Mr. M.A Shimane, Japan

· After using the Medical Ion Mini, have been able to sleep very well!  Mr. T.T Singapore-city, Singapore

Negative ion effects on the air
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