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Tourmaline & Animals/Vegetation

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Tourmaline utilized for animals and vegetation

Tourmaline not only has various effects on the human body but also is utilized to remove pet odors, maintain freshness of foodstuffs and stimulate growth of crops.

The deodorant mat shown in the right photo eliminates over 90% of offensive urine odors . Tourmalines' deodorant effect is utilized in this product.

Tourmaline mixed with water/soil stimulates growth of agricultural products.

Effects on animals

Here are some tourmaline effects.

1. Extracts from "Splendid tourmaline healthy life" by Tatsuzo Nagai
  • My pet was dying but she is now fine.
  • Pet odors have gone away.
  • My dog enjoys tourmaline bathing.
  • My fish in the tank is more active than before.
  • More mystery snails are found in the rice field.
  • My coffee tree produced fruit.
  • The roots of sweet potatoes grow fast.
  • Orchid flowers came back to life.

2. Reported by our customers (Extracts from testimonials)
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
(Universal Plan Co., Ltd.)
We proudly offer!

White Tourmaline Powder (3micron, 1kg) (Tourmaline Powder)

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White Tourmaline Powder (3micron, 1kg)

Feedback from our customers!

· I mix the tourmaline powder with the cream he uses on a regular basis. He is  Ms. Y.I Hokkaido, Japan

· The tourmaline powder mixed with facial cream makes my skin smooth!  Ms. L.Z Hong Kong

· I found my body was still warm an hour after taking the bath!  Mr. N.H Saitama, Japan

· Pain is reduced after rubbing the powder into the painful parts. The powder   Ms. K.I Saitama, Japan

Misunderstanding about tourmaline
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