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What is the material which generates negative ions?

Negative ions can be harmful to the human body - Why?

It is important to know the material which generates negative ions.

Some products, which use radioactive ores as materials, emit more radiation than the natural level, while most of the products are safe.

These products use radiation to ionize the air. i.e. The more the ores emit radiation, the more negative ions are generated. However, it can be harmful to the human body if they emit more than a certain amount of radiation.

Some study suggests that a very small amount of radiation produces better effects on the human body due to the hormesis effect. However, we have found some products which emit large amounts of radiation. Please be careful.
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Does your product #xxx use a radioactive material? If so, what is the amount of radiation released from the product? Is it harmful to the human body?
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
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Substances produced when negative ions are generated
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