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Does tourmaline water generate negative ions in the human body?

20. Does tourmaline water generate negative ions in the human body?

Q.20 - I heard that your body can easily absorb negative ions by drinking negative ion water. What is a typical amount of negative ions generated by tourmaline?

A.20 - We do not know if "Negative ion water" is scientifically defined. Many books says negative ion water is alkalized water with a pH of greater than 7 and it contains more OH- than neutral water. We are not sure if ions in the air and those in water act the same way for:
(1) Research projects have historically focused on how air ions work on the human body. The theories derived from the research may or may not be applicable to ions in water.

(2) While theories and some reports say that effects on the human body depend on the mass of the air ions, there is no such theory about ions in water. The amount of air ions is expressed in (pcs/cc), which shows the number of ion molecules contained per unit volume but that of ions in water is not expressed in this unit.
This is why we currently only have a vague understanding on how masses of ions in water affect the ion effects. However it is possible that minerals contained in negative ion water may produce some positive effects.
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