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Learn more about negative ions

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Q.1 You state that negative ions are generated by the Lenard effect or other phenomena. Where do positive ions go? I wonder why only negative ions increase because I think both ions are generated.
Q.2 Do negative ions exist forever once they are generated?
Q.3 Why do air ions vanish about 20-30 seconds after they are generated?
Q.4 Negative ion counts vary widely among negative ion products. e.g. Negative ion blankets generate 2,000 +/- (pcs/cc), while negative ion generators and air conditioners with negative ion generation function produce 10,000-50,000 (pcs/cc). Does this mean the blankets have much lower performance?
Q.5 What is an ideal amount of negative ions for the human body?
Q.6 Does an excessive amount of negative ions have negative impact on the human body?
Q.7 Are there any relations between radiation rays and negative ions?
Q.8 I heard that a small amount of negative and positive ions coexist naturally in the air. Do they cancel out each other if there are e.g. 50 each of negative and positive ions?
Q.9 Can negative ions be emitted into the air by tourmaline which is mixed with paint or other solutions?
Q.10 Where can a lot of negative ions be found in the natural environment?
Q.11 Why are "negative ions" referred to as "Minus ion" in Japan and some Asian countries?
Q.12 I heard that negative ions are harmful for the human body because they contain ozone and radiation rays. Is this true?
Q.13 What are small ions?
Q.14 What is the difference between (pcs/cc) and (pcs)?
Q.15 How can I absorb negative ions effectively in my room?
Q.16 How are negative ions generated in the natural environment?
Q.17 I heard that negative ion water can be made by natural ores. It this true?
Q.18 I heard that water is electrolyzed by ceramics and then negative ions are generated. Is this true?
Q.19 According to a TV program, if you drink 1L of negative ion water, you can absorb as many negative ions as those found near a waterfall. Is this scientifically proven?
Q.20 I heard that your body can easily absorb negative ions by drinking negative ion water. What is a typical amount of negative ions generated by tourmaline?
Q.21 I heard that a negative ion bracelet does not work because it generates negative ions only when it is stimulated. Is this true?
Q.22 I heard that you need to absorb at least 2,000 negative ions to enjoy positive effects on the body. Is this true?
Q.23 I heard that a TV set consumes negative ions generated by a generator while it is turned on and you cannot enjoy negative ion effects at all. Is this true?
Q.24 I heard that you cannot absorb negative ions if you wear clothing made of chemical fiber because friction of the fiber generates positive ions. Is this true?
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
(Universal Plan Co., Ltd.)
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