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Terahertz Wave Grain Patch for Neck Stiffness

Ease your neck stiffness & improve circulation!
Product Number: TWP-1
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Comes with 2 Years Warranty
5 out of 5 stars   1 Customer Reviews
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Marketing Manager: Masaharu Nemoto
Product summary
(1) Japan/US process patent #3766385
(2) 1 package contains 100 patches.
Customer Reviews (1)

Features of Terahertz Wave Grain Patch for Neck Stiffness

Eases chronic neck/shoulder stiffness
You just stick the terahertz wave grain patch to ease chronic neck/shoulder stiffness/pain. The grain is made from an artificial ore named MSTAR and it is produced by using patented technology (3). It emits terahertz waves whose wavelengths are near the range of infrared rays. The waves work on stiffness/pain along with the pressure effect of the grain.

(3) Japan/US process patent #3766385

Artificial ore MSTAR - Proven thermal effect
Identical volumes of ice are placed on the black silica, which is said to emit infrared rays, and MSTAR. The photo on the right shows the ice placed on MSTAR melts much faster. It proves MSTAR produces a thermal effect, so it is thought to improve blood circulation.

Certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
The terahertz wave grain patch is certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a medical instrument. (4)(5)

(4) Medical Device Manufacturing and Sales License: #13B2X00036000001
(5) Generic name: Grain patch for home use

Effects will last forever
The package contains 10X terahertz wave grains. You can continue to use the grain forever as the effects will last. You can share the grains with your family members.

Spare adhesive patches available
1X spare package contains 100 patches. You can continue to enjoy the treatment forever.

Great gift - Free gift wrapping service
We offer free gift wrapping service. Great for birthday Mother/Father's Day and Christmas! This product is shipped in a nice box. You can select "Gift Wrapping" when you place an order.

How to use

1. Clean and dry the skin
Clean and dry the skin surface where you want to attach the patch.

2. Peel off the adhesive patch
Peel off the adhesive patch from the sheet.

3. Place the grain at the center
Place the grain at the center of the patch.

4. Stick the patch to the area where you have stiffness/pain
Stick the terahertz wave grain patch to the area where you have stiffness/pain. You can stick on several patches depending on the areas/symptoms.

Caution / Replacement / Storage

  1. The effects vary depending on the physical condition and symptoms.
  2. The patch can cause inflammation if it stays on the skin for long hours.
  3. Consult a doctor or specialist if the symptoms do not improve.
  4. Do not stick around the eyes and wounds.
  5. Discontinue this treatment immediately if you feel sick.
  6. Take it off when you take a shower/bath.
  7. Use with caution if you have sensitive skin.
  8. Do not let children aged 7-12 and those who need supervision use the product without supervision of the guardian.
  9. Do not alter the product.
  10. Contact us if the product becomes defective.
  1. Change the patch to a new one when it loses the stickiness.
  1. Keep out of reach of children and those who need supervision.

Customer Reviews - Terahertz Wave Grain Patch for Neck Stiffness

[Please note]
* This is some of the feedback we have received. With prior permission, we post your feedback. * This is just for your reference and it does not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment.
No.2284 Mr. J.J, Singapore-city, Singapore
5 / 5-stars NEW
My wife was pleased with the relief after putting those patches around her shoulder and neck.
Details about the effects: I have purchased several products from Ion Trading Japan after reading the good health on negative ions from many articles. My wife has neck stiffness especially after working long hours in front of computer.   >> Read more
Spare patches Spare patches for Terahertz Wave Grain (100 patches)
Spare patches for Terahertz Wave Grain (100 patches)
P/N: TWP-1
Product name Terahertz Wave Grain Patch for Neck Stiffness
Material of the grain Artificial ore - MSTAR
Grain dimensions Diameter 7mm, Depth 4mm
Adhesive patch Diameter 23mm
Volume of content 10 grains
Adhesive patch 100 pcs
Medical Device Manufacturing and Sales License 13B2X00036000001
Accessories Instruction manual, Specially designed box, Box cover
Made in Japan
Limited Warranty 2 years from the date of purchase
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