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Q & A

Q.01 How long is the time interval between data collection?
A.01 Ion count data is collected every 1/10 sec and updated every 1/3 sec on the LCD display.
Q.02 Is it difficult to perform zero adjustment?
A.02 It is not at all! You only need to push the buttons.
Q.03 How long does it take to complete zero adjustment?
A.03 It normally takes a minute or two.
Q.04 Can I start to measure air ions as soon as zero adjustment is completed?
A.04 Yes, you can.
Q.05 Does it require a warm-up time?
A.05 Yes, it requires at least 15 minutes in order to stabilize internal devices when it is turned on.
Q.06 Can it perform continuous measurement?
A.06 Yes, it can in both the manual and auto measurement modes. The software automatically saves the data after every measurement cycle is completed and the counter starts the next measurement cycle. Thus, you can continue to observe ions for many hours.
Q.07 Can I measure ion densities in water?
A.07 No, you can't. This ion counter is for air ions.
Q.08 What is the lowest ion density this counter can measure?
A.08 It is 1 (pcs/cc).
Q.09 Can I measure large ions?
A.09 No, you can't. This ion counter is for small ions.
Q.10 Can I use it outdoors?
A.10 Yes, you can. The ion counter can be fully charged while in use via the AC adaptor.
Q.11 Can I control all the functions from the software?
A.11 Yes, you can except changing the measurement mode.
Q.12 Does it require a warm-up time before every measurement?
A.12 No, it does not unless you turn it off in between measurements.
Q.13 What is the maximum length of an RS-232C cable to remotely control the counter?
A.13 It is up to around 20m.
Q.14 Does the ion detector need any adjustment?
A.14 No, it does not. You only need to open the detector cover when you measure air ions, otherwise they cannot be detected!
Q.15 Does the ion detector detect foreign bodies?
A.15 No, it does not. Please clean up the detector if it seems to be working improperly.
Q.16 Should the counter body be grounded?
A.16 It should be if the ground resistance is low enough. If not, it should not be because it may pick up noise signals.
Q.17 What is the Ebert Gerdien capacitor method?
A.17 Please refer to "Measurement Principles".
Q.18 How often does the counter need to be calibrated?
A.18 It is normally once a year.
Q.19 How much/long will it cost/take for calibration work?
A.19 It will cost US$280-US$480 depending on the cost of replacement parts and will take approx. 2 weeks.
Q.20 Does this counter come with a warranty?
A.20 We offer a one year warranty.
Q.21 What are the main differences between this counter and other low priced products.
A.21 This highly accurate ion counter:
(1) provides stable measurement due to the greater ion detection area.

(2) employs the precisely designed, machined, finished and adjusted ion detector.

(3) is designed to eliminate effects of static electricity.
Q.22 How long is the lead time?
A.22 We ship your order in about 10 business days. We usually stock this product and adjust the detector and fully inspect to see if it works properly before every shipment.
Q.23 Can I measure natural ores which emit radiation?
A.23 Yes, you can if the natural ores emit certain amount of radiation. However, we suggest you should use the ion counter for natural ores if the radiation is very small amount.
Q.24 Can I use it for a while before purchasing?
A.24 Sorry, you cannot.
Q.25 Is the software compatible with Mac?
A.25 No, it is not.
Q.26 Please tell me why the measurement tolerance is not found in the specs.
A.26 It is not included because there is no officially verified standard to compare negative ion densities measured by ion counters. Thus, a "real" measurement tolerance value cannot be obtained. Measurement tolerances can be found in specs of products supplied by other companies. However, they are theoretically calculated.

The theoretically calculated measurement tolerance of the COM-3800 is close to zero because this high-end ion counter conforming to the JIS standard ("JISB9929 Standard for measurement method of airbone ion density") employs the state of the art Japanese technology.
Q.27 What is the difference between this ion counter and the COM-3600?
A.27 The differences are as follows: (A) The COM-3800 can measure both negative and positive ions simultaneously, while the COM-3600 can only measure either negative ions or positive ions at a time. (B) Up to 900 data records can be saved in the built-in memory. It is great for outdoor use as you do not need to take your PC with you. The software can display and print out the stored data.
Q.28 Can I use this ion counter in my country? I think the voltage and AC plug are different from Japan.
A.28 COM-3800 works with 100-240VAC, so you can use it in most countries. You can input the country where you are going to use this ion counter on the order form. We include a free AC plug adaptor correct for the country.

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