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Q & A

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Q.01 How long is the time interval between data collection?
Q.02 Is it difficult to perform zero adjustment?
Q.03 How long does it take to complete zero adjustment?
Q.04 Can I start to measure air ions as soon as zero adjustment is completed?
Q.05 Does it require a warm-up time?
Q.06 Can it perform continuous measurement?
Q.07 Can I measure ion densities in water?
Q.08 What is the lowest ion density this counter can measure?
Q.09 Can I measure large ions?
Q.10 Can I use it outdoors?
Q.11 Can I control all the functions from the software?
Q.12 Does it require a warm-up time before every measurement?
Q.13 What is the maximum length of an RS-232C cable to remotely control the counter?
Q.14 Does the ion detector need any adjustment?
Q.15 Does the ion detector detect foreign bodies?
Q.16 Should the counter body be grounded?
Q.17 What is the Ebert Gerdien capacitor method?
Q.18 How often does the counter need to be calibrated?
Q.19 How much/long will it cost/take for calibration work?
Q.20 Does this counter come with a warranty?
Q.21 What are the main differences between this counter and other low priced products.
Q.22 How long is the lead time?
Q.23 Can I measure natural ores which emit radiation?
Q.24 Can I use it for a while before purchasing?
Q.25 Is the software compatible with Mac?
Q.26 Please tell me why the measurement tolerance is not found in the specs.
Q.27 What is the difference between this ion counter and the COM-3600?
Q.28 Can I use this ion counter in my country? I think the voltage and AC plug are different from Japan.
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Contents - Highly Accurate Air Ion Counter (Bi-Polar Type) COM-3800 (More about this product)
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Part Names
How to Operate
Zero Adjustment
Ion measurement
Built-in memory
Measurement Examples
#1 Air Tamer (Ion Generator)
#2 Air Purifier A-500
#3 Ion House (Ion Generator)
#4 No negative ion generation
View of the COM-3800
Q & A
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Highly Accurate Air Ion Counter (Bi-Polar Type) COM-3800
Product Number:COM-3800
Product Name:Highly Accurate Air Ion Counter (Bi-Polar Type) COM-3800
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Price:US$28138.91 & FREE Shipping
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