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TDK Pure Titanium Magnetic Necklace TAR-13, 57cm

Ease your neck stiffness & improve circulation!
Product Number: TAR-13
Price: US$345.34 & FREE Shipping
Payment methods: Credit/Debit card, PayPal
Discontinued item
Gift Wrapping: 
TDK Pure Titanium Magnetic Necklace TAR-13, 57cm has been discontinued. We recommend the 360 degree full circle magnetic necklace ULTRA NEO Ebony (Black) Max. 50cm (19.6") - Good for neck stiffness as an alternative.

360 degree full circle magnetic necklace ULTRA NEO Ebony (Black) Max. 50cm (19.6") - Good for neck stiffness
Marketing Manager: Masaharu Nemoto
Product summary
*1 The 46/57cm model includes 10/13 magnetic capsules, respectively. (Product image may differ from actual product.)
*2 Japanese Industrial Standard
Customer Reviews (6)

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Made by TDK, the world leader in magnetic technology - Used by over 9,000,000 users!

Magnetic necklaces including this model made by TDK, the world leader in magnetic technology, have been used by over 9,000,000 users. This is proof the necklaces actually work!

Great magnetic power to ease chronic and terrible neck/shoulder stiffness and to improve blood circulation!

The stylishly designed magnetic capsule generates far greater magnetic power than ferrite magnets. (160mT=1600G per capsule)

It helps to ease chronic and terrible neck/shoulder stiffness and to improve blood circulation. This necklace includes 13 magnetic capsules spaced at an even distance for optimum effect.

MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) certified as a medical instrument, you can have a real medical treatment at home!

This permanent magnetic necklace is certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (*2)(*3) as a medical instrument. You can have a real medical treatment at home.

*2 Licensed Medical Instrument #12B2X0023
*3 Certified Medical Instrument #221AGBZX00140000

Lightweight & High quality titanium for neck stiffness

This necklace is made with pure titanium which is lightweight and said to ease neck/shoulder stiffness.

You can wear it all day long as it weighs 11.0g only and does not cause neck stiffness. Titanium is unlikely to cause allergic symptoms so it is good for sensitive skin.

This necklace maintains the shiny surface as the pure titanium conforms to the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) 1st grade.

Stylishly designed medical instrument!

This stylishly designed magnetic necklace does not look like a health related product.

The platinum-like grey-white colored slender titanium balls and magnetic capsules help to gently ease neck/shoulder stiffness.

Easy to put on and take off

The hook clasp allows you to put on and take off easily.

You just hold the clasp, push and hook it. It is quick and easy.

Great for a gift - Nice jewelry box - Free wrapping service!

This necklace is great for a birthday, Mother/Father's day/Xmas gift.

It is shipped in a nice jewelry box. We offer a free wrapping service. You can select this service on the order form.

How to use - Important! / Maintenance / Storage instruction / Caution

How to use
  1. Wear the necklace so that it makes contact with the skin.
  2. Continue to wear it even if you cannot find an effect in a day or two. Rome was not built in a day! The effects vary depending on the physical condition and/or symptoms.
  1. Wash with neutral detergent.
  2. Rinse and wipe off water with a dry cloth.
Storage instruction
  1. Keep out of reach of children aged under 6
  1. Keep away from magnetic media such as watches, magnetic cards and floppy disks. They can become defective or the data can be destroyed.
  2. Do not soak in:
    (1)sea water
    (2)hot spring water
    (3)water with bath salt
    as the surface can be damaged.
  3. Do not pull/twist it hard. It can get broken.

Before use - Important!

Please read carefully.

Customer Reviews - TDK Pure Titanium Magnetic Necklace TAR-13, 57cm

[Please note]
* This is some of the feedback we have received. With prior permission, we post your feedback. * This is just for your reference and it does not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment.
No.1384 Mr. T.Y, Niigata, Japan
I love this necklace as it is very lightweight and stylishly designed!
I am happy because: I used to wear a magnetic necklace supplied by another company but I was not happy with the design. I found this magnetic necklace when I was searching for a stylish one. I decided to purchase this product even though it was not affordable. I am happy with this necklace because it is very lightweight and stylishly designed.   >> Read more
No.1457 Mr. M.Y, Iwate, Japan
Neck stiffness has gone away!
I am happy because: The price is affordable. I feel a magnetic effect. Neck stiffness has gone away.

I am not happy because: I would be happy if it were wider.

Other comments: It would be great if more magnetic beads were included.
No.1408 Ms. Y.Y, Fukushima, Japan
I could not move my neck due to the pain. I can now move it freely!
I have suffered from shoulder/neck stiffness since I was young. I often had treatment at chiropractic/osteopathy clinics. A friend of mine advised me that a magnetic necklace would work for the stiffness and then I searched for it on the internet.   >> Read more
No.1424 Ms. M.K, Tokyo, Japan
It will work for your neck stiffness!
I am happy because: I used to use magnetic plasters but I often got a rash. I found this lightweight titanium necklace on the internet and decided to purchase it as it looked stylish. I have been wearing it since then except when I swim and take a bath. It will work for your neck stiffness.   >> Read more
No.1416 Mr. J.S, Saitama, Japan
I no longer have neck/shoulder stiffness and the pain while working!
I am happy because: A friend of mine recommended a magnetic necklace for shoulder stiffness. I found this product when I was searching on the internet. I had not worn a necklace before. I feel comfortable to wear this lightweight necklace. I often had neck/shoulder stiffness and the pain when doing delicate work at the desk. I have not had the symptoms since I started to wear this necklace.   >> Read more
No.1420 Mr. Anonymous,
I do feel shoulder/neck stiffness is easing!
I am happy because: I often had terrible neck stiffness and migraine headaches. I tried other tourmaline necklaces and titanium bracelets because they were stylish but none worked. However, I continued to search for another product and then I purchased this magnetic necklace even though I was not expecting so much.   >> Read more
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Affordable set including this product available!
TDK Pure Titanium Magnetic Necklace TAR-10-13-SET, 46/57cm Combo TDK Pure Titanium Magnetic Necklace TAR-10-13-SET, 46/57cm Combo
Price when ordered separately: US$623.79
Price: US$561.41
TDK Pure Titanium Magnetic Necklace 46cm and 57cm combo. Great gift for your parents/grandparents!
P/N: TAR-13
Product name TDK Pure Titanium Magnetic Necklace TAR-13, 57cm
Length Approx. 57cm/22.4inches

Longer length (46cm/18.1inches) for men available
Weight Approx. 11.0g
Chain width Approx. 4mm/0.15inches
Magnet Rare-earth permanent magnet
Grade of titanium JIS 1st
Body material Pure titanium
Surface finishing Polishing
Number of magnetic capsule 13
Magnetic flux density 160T per magnetic capsule
MHLW authorization (1) Licensed Medical Instrument #12B2X0023
(2) Certified Medical Instrument #221AGBZX00140000
Accessories Instruction manual, Jewelry box
Made in Japan
Limited Warranty 2 years from the date of purchase
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