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inti fion (Ocean Blue)

Product Number: ITG-F324-B
Price: US$125.01 & FREE Shipping
Payment methods: Credit/Debit card, PayPal
Discontinued item
inti fion (Ocean Blue) has been discontinued. We recommend the USB Mobile Negative Ion Generator, Air Purifier - AirTamer A310 as an alternative.

USB Mobile Negative Ion Generator, Air Purifier - AirTamer A310
Marketing Manager: Masaharu Nemoto

inti fion (Ocean Blue)

Fits your palm, and ideal for travel use
Efficient ion generation by the inti-fion method
Blows upwards
Approx. 1m coverage
Minimum ozone production with no positive ion generation *1
Stress control and relaxation maintenance
Kills MRSA and E. coli bacteria
No fan, no noise
Simple, cute design
inti fion (Ocean Blue)
*1 Some negative ion generators in the market produce harmful levels of ozone.
Customer Reviews (24)


inti fion (Ocean Blue)
Product Number:ITG-F324-B
Product Name:inti fion (Ocean Blue)
Price:US$125.01 & FREE Shipping
  Discontinued item  
* Prices in your currency subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations.
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Marketing Manager: Masaharu Nemoto

Ideal distribution of negative ions

Ideal distribution of negative ions The unique design ensures ideal distribution of negative ions. Ions are dispersed not only to horizontal but also vertical directions. i.e. Ions spread out uniformly.
Ion count vs Distance
Distance from generator (cm) 0 20 40 60 80 100
Negative ion count (pcs/cc) 200million 200million 250000 40000 16000 1500
Positive ion count (pcs/cc) 0 0 0 0 0 0
Over 1000 negative ions at 1m!
* Measured by a flat type ion counter and our measurement method.
* Figures vary depending on air purification levels and directions of electron emission.
[For wider coverage]
Ion House is available for wider space.

Ions dispersed upwards

Ions dispersed upwards The unique structure blows ions not only to horizontal but vertical directions. Ions are wide spread.

Minimal ozone production & No positive ion generation emissions

In contrast to the corona discharge method, this generator produces little ozone and nitrogen oxide gases (e.g. NO, N2O, NO2, and N2O4), which can be harmful for the human body. Moreover, it generates no positive ion which negatively impact negative ion production. Negative ion generators using the discharge method can generate negative/positive ions simultaneously.

fion's miracle power #1- Alleviates stress & Maintains relaxation

Brain Wave Analysis
Alleviates stress
Maintains relaxation

fion's miracle power #2-Kills MRSA and E. coli bacteria

Sterilizing power of fion
Kills MRSA
Kills E. coli bacteria

No noise

No noise is generated because it does not have a built-in fan. Great for your bedroom!

Aesthetically simple

Aesthetically simple It looks like a simple pen case. It goes with any room!

Fits your palm

Fits your palm It weights only 78g and fits your bag or pocket. You can take it with you wherever you go.

Fits your palm It comes with an AC adaptor which is compatible with 110/240VAC.

Special Offer

Eco Coal EMI reduction negative ion strap for mobile phone "Eco Coal (1,029JPY) comes with every purchase. Incorporating the same technology as Pocket Tourmaline, it reduces EMI and generates negative ions.


Customer Reviews - inti fion (Ocean Blue)

[Please note]
* This is some of the feedback we have received. With prior permission, we post your feedback. * This is just for your reference and it does not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment.
No.1130 Mr. K.E, Ymanashi, Japan
I have eye strain, headache and neck stiffness. I think the symptoms have improved!
I purchased this product because I wanted a small negative ion generator to use in the office. I have been using the Medical Ion Mini at home. This device has been working on my desk.   >> Read more
No.1151 Mr. K.E, Yamanashi, Japan
Ozone or positive ions are not produced and negative ions work for longer hours!
The ion generation unit of this product is great. It does not generate RF noise because it uses a ceramic transformer. Ozone or positive ions are not produced as it uses an ionization method which requires lower energy, so negative ions work for longer hours.
No.1129 Mr. H.M, Saitama, Japan
I suffered from rhinitis. My nose does not run so much as before!
I suffered from rhinitis. My nose does not run so much as before because I am using this ioniser.   >> Read more
No.1150 Ms. S.T, Hyogo, Japan
I purchased it because the air was stagnant in the office.
The air was stagnant in our office because the windows are all closed and we have so many PC's. I was not happy with the smell. I found this product when I was searching for a solution on the internet and decided to try it out.   >> Read more
No.1131 Mr. S.H, Tokushima, Japan
I have been using it for my audio equipment. It produces clear sounds!
I have been using the Inti fion for my audio equipment. It produces clear sounds as the CD player and CD's absorb negative ions. I recommend this affordable product to audio fans because it has a great ROI. It is also compact and easy to use.
No.1149 Ms. Y.M, Fukuoka, Japan
I have installed it in the bathroom. It has been doing a great job as the odors have been eliminated!
About this product: I purchased it to install in the bathroom. It has been doing a great job for about 3 weeks as the odors have been completely eliminated. I am happy with this compact and stylish body.   >> Read more
No.1133 Mr. K.O, Tokyo, Japan
I have been using this device in my bedroom. I can sleep well!
I purchased this product because I like the simple design and it has a high performance. I have been using it in my bedroom. I can sleep well. I am interested in the higher end model, Medical Ion Mini.
No.1136 Mr. K.S, Hyogo, Japan
Room odors have been eliminated. I feel more comfortable!
My air conditioner has become a negative ion air conditioner because I have installed this device above it. Room odors have been eliminated. I feel more comfortable.
No.1143 Mr. K.N, Tokyo, Japan
This product is great because I can relax and concentrate on reading!
I use this great ionizer when I read a book at home. I can relax and concentrate on reading.
No.1145 Mr. T.K, Osaka, Japan
Itchy eyes caused by hayfever are are alleviated!
I used to have another negative ion generator. I did not like the ozone odors it produced. This product has been working at my bedside as it does not produce ozone odors at all. I have itchy eyes caused by hayfever. The symptoms are alleviated.
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· Sleep well (2) · Audio (1) · Cigarette smoke (1)
· Eye strain (1) · Fall asleep (1) · Hayfever (1)
· Itchy eyes (1)    


P/N: ITG-F324-B
Product name inti fion (Ocean Blue)
Discharge method fion
Material of ionizing needle Carbon
Weight Approx.78g
Dimensions W60xH130xD20 (mm)
Power 12VDC (Supplied by AC adaptor)
Consumption power 1.5W or less
Accessories Holder, 110/240VAC compatible AC adaptor
Made in Japan
Stock No
Manufactured by ANDES ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
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