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Ion supporter for effective back pain relief

Negative ions penetrate deeply into the body!
Product Number: TSP-1-P
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Marketing Manager: Masaharu Nemoto
Product summary
*1 Tourmaline generates little amount of negative ions when external pressure or friction is not applied.

Generates negative ions when not in motion due to the patented technology!

Tourmaline is woven into the fabric using the patented technology. This ensures negative ion generation. *2

This patented technology is also used in the tourmaline e-Ring.

*2 While most tourmaline products generate negative ions only when external pressure or friction is applied, this ion supporter generates negative without any external force. There are very few supporters which continue to generate negative ions without such force.
This data was obtained by the (narrow width) hook-and-loop-fastener type negative ion waist supporter made with the same materials.

Protects the back & Allows for quick attachment/detachment

The aluminum boning and the support belt are ergonomically designed to firmly hold and protect the back. Negative ions released from the whole surface penetrate deeply into the body.
Structure of the ion supporter for back pain
You can easily detach the aluminum boning stays and the support belt when the back feels better to use it as a conventional ion supporter.

Negative ions deeply into the body

Negative ions penetrate deeply into the body as you wear the supporter around the internal organs which play important roles in the body.

Warm in winter, tourmaline effects forever!

You feel warm in winter and cool in summer. Tourmaline effects last forever. *3

This data was obtained by the narrow width hook-and-loop-fastener type negative ion waist supporter made with the same materials.
This image shows you the low/high temperature areas of the body shown in blue/red get smaller/larger, respectively.

*3 Tourmaline maintains the characteristics unless extreme heat is applied to it, which means tourmaline effects last forever under normal use. However, the fabric becomes worn out through use.

Easy to bend and stretch the body

This supporter is wide enough to protect the back while allowing you to bend and stretch the body easily. Movement is not restricted!

Not tight & Quick attachment/detachment

The hook and loop fastener allows for quick attachment/detachment. The supporter fits you well but it is not tight around the back in contrast to other supporters.

How to wear

  • Wear over your usual underwear. (Cotton is preferred.)
  • The spotted side is the inner surface. The spots indicate where tourmaline is woven into the fabric.
  • Wear the supporter(1) around the waist at a comfortable position. Adjust the support belt(2) so that it is firm but not tight.
  • You can detach the aluminum boning stays(3) and the support belt(4) when not needed.

You can easily detach the aluminum stays and the support belt to use it as a conventional ion supporter

Wear the belt over the supporter to firmly protect the back!
P/N: TSP-1-P
Product name Ion supporter for effective back pain relief
Size S (Waist 52cm - 62cm / 20.4inches - 24.4inches)
M (Waist 60cm - 80cm / 23.6inches - 31.4inches)
L (Waist 78cm - 100cm / 30.7inches - 39.3inches)
LL (Waist 98cm - 122cm / 38.5inches - 48.0inches)
Materials Operon, Nylon, Cotton and Others
Weight Approx. 253g
Thickness Approx. 3mm
Laundry instructions
  1. Remove the aluminum boning stays.
  2. Fasten the hook and loop fastener.
  3. Place inside a net laundry bag.
  4. Wash with neutral detergent.
  5. Dry out of direct sunlight.
Made in Japan
Limited Warranty 2 years from the date of purchase
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