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Mixed Color Tourmaline Bracelet (Button Beads) 16/17/18/19/20/21cm (6.2/6.6/7/7.4/7.8/8.2")

Product Number: TMX-2-B
Price: US$137.01 & FREE Shipping (not included customs tax)
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4.4   5 Customer Reviews
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Comes with 2 Years Warranty
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Bracelet and combo

Product summary
  • The Mixed Color Tourmaline Bracelet made with button shaped colorful beads goes with any outfit.
  • It is made with some sets of similar color beads.
  • The magnetic clasp allows you to put on and take off easily. It takes only a second!
  • Made in Japan

Colorful tourmaline beads for any outfit!

The button shaped colorful tourmaline beads go with any outfit.

Sets of similar color beads

Tourmaline stones have various colors. While necklaces and bracelets made with sets of similar color beads are generally expensive because extra work is needed to select the stones and it results in lower yields, we offer this mixed color tourmaline bracelet at a reasonable price.

Allows you to put on and take off easily!

The magnetic clasp allows you to put on and take off easily. It takes only a second. You just pull it to take it off.

* The clasp may differ from the image.

Shipped in a nice jewelry box!

This bracelet is shipped in a nice jewelry box. We offer free gift wrapping service. Please select "Gift Wrapping: Yes" when you place an order.

* Boxes may vary slightly.

Length adjustment

We will adjust the length of your necklace/bracelet free of charge after purchase. However, please note it could cost less to get the length altered at your local jewelry shop than the cost of shipping the product to us for alteration.

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Customer Reviews - Mixed Color Tourmaline Bracelet (Button Beads) 16/17/18/19/20/21cm (6.2/6.6/7/7.4/7.8/8.2")

[Please note]
* This is some of the feedback we have received. With prior permission, we post your feedback. * This is just for your reference and it does not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment.
No.58 Ms. T.U, Ehime Japan
5 / 5-stars
Sometimes it was difficult to raise my arm due to the stiffness. I am fine now!
I used to suffer from stiff shoulders. Sometimes it was difficult to raise the arm. This beautiful bracelet helped to alleviate the stiffness. I feel much better now.
No.2506 Ms. D.D, Maryland, United States
5 / 5-stars NEW
I gave it to my aunt as a birthday gift.
Details about the effects: I ordered a tourmaline bracelet for my aunt as a birthday gift. She often has high blood pressure but after wearing the tourmaline bracelet, her blood pressure has shown improvement.
No.46 Ms. M.N, Shizuoka Japan
5 / 5-stars
I love this colorful bracelet because it goes with any dress!
I like the magnetic clasp because it is easy to wear and take off. Even though I am worried that it may damage the string, I wear it while sleeping as treatment for shoulder stiffness. I love this colorful bracelet because it goes with any dress.
No.1591 Ms. M.T, Hiroshima, Japan
4 / 5-stars NEW
The colors change slightly depending on the light source. I love the button beads!
I was impressed with your prompt service. Thank you for shipping the day after I ordered it. We are surrounded by devices such as PC's, TV sets and mobile phones and they all emit positive ions. I often got tired easily. I recalled that tourmaline had been booming when I was searching for a remedy and then I placed the order. I am fine now because I wear this tourmaline bracelet.   >> Read more
No.344 Mr. N.Y, Shizuoka, Japan
3 / 5-stars NEW
I think I have become more positive than before!
I found your product on the internet and ordered it for better health/luck because I am running a company. I think I have become more positive than before.   >> Read more
P/N: TMX-2-B
Product name Mixed Color Tourmaline Bracelet (Button Beads) 16/17/18/19/20/21cm (6.2/6.6/7/7.4/7.8/8.2")
Weight approx. 7.5g (16cm/6.2inches)
approx. 8.0g (17cm/6.6inches)
approx. 8.5g (18cm/7.0inches)
approx. 9.0g (19cm/7.4inches)
approx. 9.5g (20cm/7.8inches)
approx. 9.9g (21cm/8.2inches)
Shape of tourmaline Button beads
Clasp Magnetic clasp
Maintenance Wipe off with a soft cloth.
Made in Japan
Limited Warranty 2 years from the date of purchase
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