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White Tourmaline Powder (40-50micron, 1kg)

High quality Brazilian tourmaline powder as a material of negative ion/tourmaline products. You can mix it with skin lotion to make your tourmaline cosmetic product.
(Made in Brazil )
Product Number: TPD-1-L
Price: US$99.51 & FREE Shipping
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Comes with 2 Years Warranty
4.4 out of 5 stars   24 Customer Reviews
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Marketing Manager: Masaharu Nemoto
Product summary
* This product contains 1kg.
* Product image may differ from actual product.
Q & A
Customer Reviews (24)    Sales rank #7    Sales rank (tourmaline) #4

High quality Brazilian tourmaline

While tourmaline stones can be mined in many countries, those mined in Brazil are regarded as high quality stones.

We offer Brazilian tourmaline powder. This product has been used by individual and corporate users for many years.

Good for many applications!

As a material for negative ion/tourmaline products

Tourmaline powder is used as a material of many negative ion/tourmaline products. You can make your own negative ion/tourmaline enhanced product. You can also use it to enjoy healthy life.

Mix with cosmetic

Almost all tourmaline cosmetic products contain tourmaline powder. You can mix it with skin lotion to make your tourmaline cosmetic product. Many customers use it for skincare as the skin is kept moisturized.

The white tourmaline powder (3micron) is more suitable for cosmetic products due to the smaller powder particles.

Comfortable bathing

You can put a proper amount of the tourmaline powder into the bathtub to enjoy tourmaline bathing. The body is kept warm and tourmaline water, which contains minerals, is good for the skin. We have many repeat customers who use this product as a remedy for skin problems.

Agricultural products

Mix with or sprinkle on soil to stimulate growth of plants and to harvest larger crops.

*Growth varies depending on the species.

Flowers and plants

Mix with or sprinkle on soil to stimulate growth of flowers and plants and extend life span.

*Growth and life span vary depending on the species.

Q & A

Q1. How much powder should I mix with lotion?
You can begin with 2-3% and then gradually increase the amount. However, it depends on the lotion.
Q2. Does the powder dissolve in water?
No, it does not. It remains as a residue in the bottom of the bathtub.
Q3. How much powder should I put into the bathtub for tourmaline bathing?
50g +/- will be good. You need to put the powder into the bathtub "little by little" and mix well as it does not dissolve in water as above mentioned.
Q4. What is the diameter of a powder particle?
It is approx. 40-50 micron. If you would like to enjoy more tourmaline effects, White Tourmaline Powder 3 micron 1kg is available.
Q5. Is the powder naturally pure white?
It is not pure white as tourmaline has a variety of colors. The color varies depending on natural impurities contained in the powder. The powder you receive next time may look different from what you currently have. However, please be assured that the powder maintains the properties of tourmaline regardless of the color.
Q6. Can I use the powder for drinking water?
No, you cannot. You can use Polished Tourmaline or Tourmaline Ceramic Balls to make tourmaline drinking water.
Q7. I am going to mix the tourmaline powder with silicon rubber to make a negative ion product. How many negative ions (e.g. pcs/cc) will it generate?
It will generate very few negative ions when no external pressure or friction is applied to it. However, this does not mean you cannot enjoy a tourmaline effect.

FYI: Tourmaline & Negative ion
Q8. I am going to mix the powder with another material to make a negative ion product. What is the best mixing ratio?
We do not have data. Very few manufacturers will provide the confidential information because they invest a lot in order to find the best mixing ratio.
Q9. Can you provide us with MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet) for this product?
Yes, we can. Please contact us if you need the sheet.

Customer Reviews - White Tourmaline Powder (40-50micron, 1kg)

[Please note]
* This is some of the feedback we have received. With prior permission, we post your feedback. * This is just for your reference and it does not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment.
No.868 Mr. J.K, California, United States
4 / 5-stars
I use this product as a cosmectic use!
I use this product as a cosmectic use. Powder does not show big - ion disperse, it seems I may need much smaller sized powder to get negative ion effect. However, I am using it and see how it going right now.
No.2910 Ms. P.P, Surakarta, Indonesia
5 / 5-stars NEW
This good i for my sleep...
Purchase_reason: This very good product...

About_effects: This good i for my sleep...
No.589 Mr. R.S, California, United States
4 / 5-stars
Worked perfectly!
Used in an electronics product and worked perfectly. Great service - received promptly and well packaged.
No.2823 Mr. N.K, Yamaguchi, Japan
5 / 5-stars NEW
This is my repeat order. I mix this product with moisturizing cream.
Reason(s) why I purchased from you: I found your website and I thought you would offer great service.

I am happy because: This is my repeat order. I recommend tourmaline bathing and mixing tourmaline powder with cosmetic products to my relatives and neighbors. I compared a tourmaline bed sheet supplied by another company with your tourmaline product. Yours is good! I mix this product with moisturizing cream as it is winter. It can work depending on the cream and the skin condition.
No.895 Ms. F.A, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5 / 5-stars
I find that my skin is more softer, more brighter and less oily!
I use white tourmaline powder mainly for beauty purpose. I mix the powder in my toner and body lotion. This way I am using the tourmaline powder everyday on my face and body. After using about almost a month I find that my skin is more softer, more brighter and less oily. I like this powder, I m still looking forward for more result, I'm now trying it in my face cleanser, hair shampoo and body scrub.
No.2461 Mr. A.P, Bandung, Indonesia
5 / 5-stars NEW
It gives me very well sensation.
Details about the effects: This is my second purchase. This is a genuine tourmaline product. Used for bathing and give me very well sensation.
No.985 Mr. M.S, Oita, Japan
5 / 5-stars
It does work on my skin!
My skin has become smooth and moisturized, and my body is kept warm. Thank you for this great product.
No.168 Mr. K.K, Kanagawa, Japan
4 / 5-stars
Very happy with it because it removes sweat odors and feels smooth to the touch!
I have been using this product as body powder. I am very happy with it because it removes sweat odors and my skin feels smooth to the touch.
No.167 Mr. K.O, Tokyo, Japan
4 / 5-stars
The powder makes water soft. I enjoy the hot spring everyday!
I put the powder into the bathtub. The water is soft. I enjoy the hot spring everyday.
No.667 Ms. K.K, Vermont, United States
5 / 5-stars
I find it calming and I feel physically and mentally strong all day!
I am wearing the Tourmaline in a glass pendant Jewelry necklace. I find it calming and I feel physically and mentally strong all day. Even when under stressful conditions. Your service was very good in responding to my email questions, and your shipping arrived efficiently and on time.
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Affordable set including this product available!
Skin Care Package for Tourmaline Bathing Skin Care Package for Tourmaline Bathing
Price when ordered separately: US$197.01
Price: US$178.51
This package contains high quality Brazilian tourmaline stones and White tourmaline powder. You can enjoy tourmaline bathing. It will stimulate perspiration while making your body warm. It will be good for psoriasis, rough/dry skin.
Tourmaline Beauty Package Tourmaline Beauty Package
Price when ordered separately: US$149.38
Price: US$124.65
Tourmaline powder for the material for tourmaline products such as cosmetics, tourmaline gel for the skin/hair. Great deals!
- 40-50micron
Black Tourmaline Powder (40-50micron, 1kg)
Black Tourmaline Powder (40-50micron, 1kg)
- 40-50micron
(Product on this page)
White Tourmaline Powder (40-50micron, 1kg)
White Tourmaline Powder (40-50micron, 1kg)
- 3micron
- Suitable for skin lotion
White Tourmaline Powder (3micron, 1kg)
White Tourmaline Powder (3micron, 1kg)
P/N: TPD-1-L
Product name White Tourmaline Powder (40-50micron, 1kg)
Volume of content 1kg
Size of powder particles 40-50 micron
The country of origin Brazil
Processed in Japan
Accessory Element data sheet
Limited Warranty 2 years from the date of purchase
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