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Recommended Negative Ion Products

Sleep well, Reduce pain, Wake up refreshed in the morning
Price: US$367.52
4.4 out of 5 stars
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High Density Negative Ion Generator, Ionizer - Medical Ion Mini
The industry's top class and internationally patented negative ion generator (ionizer) fills your room with negative ions within a few minutes. We have received an incredible amount of positive feedback about the performance such as Good sleep, Reduce cigarette smoke, Less tired. It quickly eliminates pollen, dust, cigarette smoke, etc. Safety and user-friendly features are incorporated.
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  Feedback from customers!

·The price is not cheap but you cannot buy good sleep at this price!

·We wife enjoy a deep sleep and we wake up so refreshed!

·Neck stiffness has improved. My head no longer feels heavy!

·After using the Medical Ion Mini, have been able to sleep very well!

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Price: US$150.01
4.2 out of 5 stars
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Ecological Tourmaline Sheet 2mX1m (78
Tourmaline generates little amount of negative ions with no external pressure or friction. This tourmaline sheet generates negative ions by itself without such force. It can be placed under sheets. You can cut into any shape. It has been used as a material in many industries. It is also used to improve fuel efficiencies and power output in the car industry. 2X1m available.
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  Feedback from customers!

·I better go to sleep at night and wake up rested and in a good mood.

·Even after a hard work day, I recover from the exhaustion when I wake up in the morning. I am impressed with the performance!

·I placed the sheet under the bedsheet. I often woke up every few hours but I can now sleep better.

·Back pain has eased. I wake up refreshed even after short hours of sleep.

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Price: US$128.00
4.2 out of 5 stars
In stock. Ship in 3 days

USB Mobile Negative Ion Generator, Air Purifier - AirTamer A310
Weighs only 50g. Mobile air purifier to remove second-hand cigarette smoke, pollen and PM2.5 particles when worn around the neck. 4x higher air purification capabilities provided by the conductive strap. No maintenance required. No noise generated.
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  Feedback from customers!

·Cigarette smoke avoids me. I purchased a great product!

·I purchased this device as I am a passive smoker. It is working!

·Cigarette smoke no longer annoys me!

·She is so happy because cigarette smoke odors do not annoy her.

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