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The pyroelectric phenomena expressed in formulas

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The pyroelectric phenomena expressed in formulas

W. Thomson tried to establish formulas of the pyroelectric phenomena after he predicted a reverse pyroelectric effect phenomenon in "On the thermal effects of fluids in motion" (8) but his theory was not complete because the amount of electric charge was not included as a parameter in related formulas.

Riecke introduced electronic charge related formulas and successfully expressed the pyroelectric phenomena in formulas (9) in 1885.

(8) Thomson,W.,Math.Phys.Papers l ,p.316
(9) Riecke,E.,1885,Nachr.Ges.d.Wiss.Gott.,ss405-440

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There is sparse information about research history of the pyroelectricity/piezoelectricity effects caused by tourmaline. We refer to and quote from this literature as the events are presented in chronological order.
The history of Pyro-Piezoelectricity in the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth Century (Japanese version only)
·Journal Title: Papers of Technical Meeting on History of Electrical Engineering, IEE Japan(2000)
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
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