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AirTamer A310 | Personal Negative Ion Generator, Air Purifier Necklace

4.2 out of 5 stars
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USB Personal Mobile Negative Ion Generator, Air Purifier - AirTamer A310

Weighs only 50g. Personal wearable negative ion generator air purifier to remove second-hand cigarette smoke, pollen and PM2.5 particles when worn around the neck. 4x higher air purification capabilities provided by the conductive strap. No maintenance required. No noise generated.
Hayfever (90) | Cigarette smoke (52) | Negative ion effect (15) | Nasal passage (9) | Runny nose (7) | Passive smoker (5) | Less stressed (2) | Less tired (2) | Stuffy nose (2) | Fall asleep (1) |
No.884 Mr. S.U, Gifu, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"I feel less stressed and tired. I can have a good night sleep!"
I am happy because: I am happy with this product except 2 things. I have been wearing it 24/7 since I purchased it. The other day, I forgot to wear it and went to work without this device. I did not find any difference on the day but I did find a difference the next day. This experience made me decide to write this feedback.

I felt my neck stiffness improved on the 1st day but I did not find any improvement after that. I found the stiffness improved after spending a day without it when I forgot to wear it. I think blood circulation is improved.

It has been doing excellent jobs.

1. I do not feel stressed.
2. I feel less tired.
3. It seems that other people around me feel less stressed. I think this is because negative ions work on others too as we are working in the same room.
4. I can have a good night sleep. I also enjoy a good nap after having lunch.
5. I feel relaxed after work.

I have been using it for 20 days. Yes, I made a good decision!

I am not happy because: The blue ion light is not bright enough. I was afraid that the battery might be flat when I removed the protective tape, inserted the battery and turned on the device. You can include a piece of paper saying "The indicator is not bright enough but this does not mean the battery is flat." other than the instruction manual.

[From Ion Trading] Thank you for your feedback and comment. We will include it in the package.
No.3496 Ms. H.N, Nagasaki, Japan
5 out of 5 stars NEW

"I have not found an effect but I feel easier."
I had to visit Tokyo, where the coronavirus is spreading, on business. I was worried about infection. I found this mobile ion generator and purchased it. I thought an expensive model would work better but you advised me this affordable model as it would meet my requirements. You really offered kind service. Psychologically, I feel safe when I see someone or I go out as I wear this device. I have not found an effect but I feel easier.
No.1273 Ms. K.E.E, California, United States
5 out of 5 stars

"I use it in the airplanes. It really works and I love the compact body!"
What do you like best about your AirTamer? = compact, indiscreet, really seems to work!

What features would improve your AirTamer? = the plastic it is made of was very smelly - I am sensitive to chemicals (the whole reason i got it) so I had to let it off-gas in the sun outside for weeks before I could wear it.

In what location(s) do you use your AirTamer? = airplanes, travelling, going shopping
No.3475 Ms. H.W, Kowloon, Hong Kong
5 out of 5 stars NEW

"We feel more relaxed"
Purchase reason: I wanted to have clean air

About effects: We feel more relaxed
No.483 Mrs. N.H, Queensland, Australia
5 out of 5 stars

"I definitely felt my congestion loosening up, so am very pleased so far!"
I mainly purchased these products for air flight as we always seem to end up with some sort of virus after all flights, as yet have not put them to the test for this use, but I have been using it for a chest infection for a few hours each day and definitely felt my congestion loosening up, so am very pleased so far.
No.3474 Ms. A.P, Bulacan, Philippines
5 out of 5 stars NEW

"It brings back confidence in going outside."
Purchase reason: I happened to see this product during Pres. Duterte's announcement and was curious. Later on, it just suddenly appeared while i was browsing through google on purifiers and read what this purifier could offer. From then on, i bought it and it works well for me. Very helpful not only mentally because it is so scary go to outside of our homes but it also helps me breath clean air due especially when i am in public or in my work place.

About effects: When going outside, there is already this feeling of dread and fear but because of this product and what it could offer, it brings back confidence in going outside and do my work regularly despite having to encounter a lot of people. It also helps with my headaches and feeling of stuffy nose (due to my work place).
No.573 Mr. T.Y, Hiroshima, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"I have not caught a cold since I started to wear this compact negative ion generator!"
I purchased the AirTamer to protect myself from flu because I used to catch a cold several times a year. I was skeptical in the beginning but I have not caught a cold since I started to wear this compact negative ion generator, while my colleagues wear masks due to the spread of flu. I often had shoulder stiffness and headache because I work at the desk all day long. The stiffness has been alleviated. My wife suffered chronic nasal inflammation. She can breath easily with the AirTamer. She is so impressed! This lightweight and compact device is great. You can carry it with you and absorb negative ions wherever you are. It would be better if there were a cover to protect the blow off point. I am afraid this part can be easily damaged when it accidentally hits something or under rain conditions.

[From Ion Trading] We understand your concern but you cannot absorb negative ions if the blow off point is covered. It would be ideal if it could be protected.
No.2377 Mr. H.M, Kanagawa, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"She is so happy because cigarette smoke odors do not annoy her."
Reason(s) why I purchased from you: I found this product by chance on the internet, compared it with similar products and purchased this one because your website provided clear understanding of the product and it convinced me that it would work.

I am happy because: I am so happy with this device as it is compact/lightweight and it is easy to use. I purchased it for my mother. She could not sleep well as she was sensitive to cigarette smoke odors. This product is great as she can use it even though she is not good at using electronic devices. She is so happy because the odors do not annoy her any more. Thank you!

Other comments: Please continue to supply great products.
No.2532 Ms. Y, Tokyo, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"It is comfortable to wear it. I feel easy."
Reason(s) why I purchased from you: I thought it was a high quality negative ion generator.

I am happy because: Recently, we moved into a new office. I thought the new place needed an air purifier. I searched for high quality ion products and finally found this one. I was going to use it in the office only but I thought it would be great to use it when I am out of the office.

I now wear it 24x7. It is stylish. It does not generate noise. I can carry it around as it is so lightweight. This is a high quality mobile ion generator. I often use the ion detector to make sure this device is generating ions. It is comfortable to wear it. I feel easy. Looking forward to new products!

Other comments: Thank you for this high quality ion product.
No.2478 Ms. M.S, Tokyo, Japan
4 out of 5 stars

"It is far more comfortable when I wear the AirTamer A310. I cannot do without it."
I am happy because: I normally take fexofenadine and wear the AirTamer A310 when I am indoors and I take Chinese herbal medicine as well when needed. It is far more comfortable when I wear the AirTamer A310. I cannot do without it. This device helps me when PM2.5 particles try to annoy me.

Other comments: Wearing around the neck can cause neck stiffness when I am not well. The skin is irritated by the strap. Is it OK to change the strap to another one? A friend of mine asked me if it was a hearing aid.

[From Ion Trading] Thank you for your feedback. Please never change the strap as it plays an important role to generate negative ions. It is ideal if it makes direct contact with the skin but it can stay on your shirt. However, the number of negative ions generated by the device decreases.
[Please note]
Customer Reviews on this page are just for your reference and they do not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment. Customer Reviews written in Japanese are translated into English by Ion Trading.
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