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Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream (80g)

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No.833 Ms. S.A, Tokyo, Japan
Verified user
5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on 2010-01-27

"I apply it not only to my face but also to other areas as it helps to relieve pain. I will continue to use it!"

I have just finished my 2nd pot of the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream. It helps to relieve pain. I use it not only for my face but also for other areas where I have pain. I will continue to use it! I am going to apply the cream to my right hand. I have pain in this area because I often write a letter. The more I use it, the more I feel healed.
No.832 Ms. M.M, Aichi, Japan
Verified user
5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on 2010-01-27

"My face skin, which used to be rough, has almost peeled off!"

I have been using the EX Cream/Wash since the end of last Nov. My face skin used to be rough but has been rejuvenated and rough patches shed. Liver spots started to appear as the skin peeled off to reveal new smooth skin.I hope these spots will fade. I feel that I now enjoy more detoxification effects as I started to use the Lotion as well in the middle of Dec. I sometimes use the Gel as the body feels refreshed.
No.831 Ms. Y.Y, Chiaba, Japan
Verified user
5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on 2010-01-27

"Feet no longer swell and the skin on my face is smooth!"

I am using the Biseki EX Cream/Lotion/Wash everyday. Feet no longer swell and a smaller pair of shoes now fit me thanks to detoxification effects of tourmaline. I had a corn on my little toe. It has disappeared, so I am fine with bare feet. Thank you! A friend of mine asked me why the skin on my face is always smooth. I gave her the Biseki Wash. Seeing is believing! I am going to recommend these reliable products to my friends.
No.806 Ms. M.O, Saitama, Japan
Verified user
5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on 2009-12-22

"I lost 5/3cm (1.97/1.18inches) around my waist/thighs!"

I had wanted to lose excessive fat and cellulite on my belly and thighs but I knew it would be impossible because I do not like doing exercises and I love eating. I just applied the tourmaline cream and then the dream came true!

The areas where I applied the cream started to feel warm but I could not believe it would help to burn fat. This cream leaves a refreshing feel and the skin is moisturized but it stays smooth, so I was using it as body cream because I was happy to find the smooth skin every morning.

About a week later, I found that my skirt was loose and trousers, which had been so tight, perfectly fit me with no difficulty to put on. I measured and found that I had lost 5/3cm (1.97/1.18inches) around my waist/thighs. I was impressed again as bumpy cellulite had also gone.

I have successfully lost weight before but the skin on the belly became loose and the cellulite remained. I have become thinner with no slackening and the skin has become shiny. How lucky I am! Thank you for this easy weight loss program.
No.805 Ms. F.M, Hokkaido, Japan
Verified user
5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on 2009-12-22

"My face is quickly lifted. The skin is clearer!"

I am using the tourmaline cream. My face is quickly lifted. The skin is clearer as it is protected from UV radiation. I applied the cream to the face and then the remaining to the hands. A bruise on the right hand disappeared. Cracks on the heels were quickly treated. I am so impressed with the effect.
No.804 Ms. N.K, Ehime, Japan
Verified user
5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on 2009-12-22

"My face is clearer as discolorations have disappeared!"

I have been using the tourmaline cream for about a year. My face is clearer as discolorations have disappeared. I feel so refreshed after I wash the face with the Biseki EX Wash because it completely washes out mascara.
No.802 Ms. K.W, Fukuoka, Japan
Verified user
5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on 2009-12-08

"Our customer used to have cellulite on the back of the knees. It has gone and her legs have become thinner. My face has been lifted!"

I am running an esthetic salon in Fukuoka Japan. We use the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream for face lifting, leg thinning and other treatments. They are well received by customers.

A 45 year old customer wanted to correct the bowleg and make the chubby legs thinner as they were annoying her. She started a treatment for leg thinning using the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream. The legs became significantly thinner after the 2nd treatment. I found the stiffened calves were softened and the swelling went away while I was doing massage with the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream. The legs after this treatment were totally different from those of before as they became thinner. Cellulite on back of the knees has gone and bowleg has been corrected. I am happy to see the result, which gives me an incentive to work harder.

Of course, I am using the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream for myself. I apply it when my belly starts to inflate. It does deflate in about 20 minutes. I also use the cream when I am tired and when I have terrible stiffness. Doing estetic treatments is strenuous work. My chubby and round shaped face has been lifted. My skin is clearer and brighter. Our customers often say "Your face has been lifted.", "Your skin has become beautiful.".
No.801 Mr. Y.I, Chiaba, Japan
Verified user
5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on 2009-12-08

"Finally, I have been relieved from the ankle pain caused by joint mice!"

I was playing basketball when I was a student. I started it again. The training was not hard because I was playing not to win games but just to enjoy. I thought I had worked more than enough when my right ankle got swollen and the pain started. It got worse day after day and eventually it was hard to walk. I applied a cold compress and an ointment but they did not work and the pain continued to strike me. It was so painful that I felt like jumping up when I tried to rotate the ankle.

I went to a hospital and was diagnosed with joint mice. An X-ray photo showed a lot of small pieces of bones around the ankle. They were the joint mice. They were generated at the joint due to friction. According to the doctor, someone, who did physical exercises intensely during the period of growth, is apt to get this problem. I sprained the ankle very often when I was a student because I was ardently playing basketball. The bone was shaved, the small pieces became joint mice, they entered inside the joint and stimulated the nerves. This was the cause of the swelling/pain. He advised me to make good friends with the mice instead of having surgery to remove them completely because I was not a professional athlete such as a baseball player.

A friend of mine suggested the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream while I was down a little bit. The stiffened muscle was softened and the pain went away as soon as I applied the cream. Then, I fearfully moved the ankle and it rotated smoothly with no intense pain. I was so amazed when the pain disappeared because I almost gave up. The pain caused by the joint mice has significantly improved as I have applied the Tourmaline Biseki Cream every day since then. I now enjoy basketball again.
No.800 Mr. S.I, Shimane, Japan
Verified user
5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on 2009-12-08

"I could not move my arms due to terrible pain. The firmly bent arms finally moved!"

I had many difficulties when my arms were bent and I could not move them. e.g. I had to move my face towards the hands to wash. I am sure this was caused by my daily farming work. I kept my arms bent in order to hold a large grass cutter every day and the arms stiffened at the position. The arms ached terribly whenever I moved them but I had to work 7 days a week because I was cultivating rice and other crops. I was so busy. I could take a rest only while sleeping. I continued the farming work despite the pain. Eventually, I became unable to move the arms, which made it difficult for me to work and to have a meal.

A friend of mine suggested coming to an event to experience the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream. A therapist showed me the details of the product but it did not convince me because I could not believe that just applying the cream would work. I was skeptical but I had the cream applied to the stiffened arms and then they were softened and eventually they moved! The pain also went away. I was so impressed.

I apply the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream after bathing. The stiffened arms regain flexibility, the pain disappears and fatigue is relieved as the stiffened muscle is softened. This is something like taking off clothing made of metal. The arms are fine the next morning when I apply the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream the day before. I have energy for the day to work hard. It is important to be healthy to do farming. The Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream supports this strenuous work.
No.798 Ms. H.M, Aichi, Japan
Verified user
5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on 2009-12-08

"I used to drag my feet due to knee pain. The pain has improved!"

I am so happy with the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream. Farming is strenuous work. I used to suffer particularly from knee pain. The joint often ached when I woke up in the morning or when I started to walk after keeping posture while working in the farm. It was hard to make the 1st step and I had to drag the feet. Work efficiency was low due to the pain. I tried a cold compress but it did not work. I was wondering what to do.

A friend of mine suggested the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream. I purchased one and started to use it. I applied the cream to the knees, lower knees, and soles and then the knees started to move smoothly. I was glad as it worked quickly. The knees were fine the next day, so I had no difficulty to work.

A few days later, I mistakenly hit my face to the door. It was so painful, that I immediately applied the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream. The pain completely went away. I was right! Actually, I thought it would be good for bruises because it worked for knee pain.

I am also using the UV protection which contains ultra-fine tourmaline powder (Tourmaline Biseki PGS UV Lotion). The tourmaline UV protection is great. It is not sticky and leaves a smooth feel to the skin, while other UV protection creams are oily and leave a sticky feel. It also works well. You need to apply it only once a day in the morning and then the skin is protected all day long. You can also easily wash it out with water. My skin is now soft. How wonderful it is that UV protection improves skin conditions! I will enjoy farming this coming summer with the tourmaline cream and the UV protection Lotion.
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Customer Reviews on this page are just for your reference and they do not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment. Customer Reviews written in Japanese are translated into English by Ion Trading.
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