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Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream (80g)

4.1 out of 5 stars
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Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream

The Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream contains ultra-fine tourmaline powder and organic plant extracts, which are good for facial/body care. It not only moisturizes rough/dry skin but also provides a smooth and comfortable feel. It works for face lifting, arm trimming, firming slackened skin, weight loss, upper arm trimming, eye strain/ neck stiffness/ muscle pain relief and wrinkle/ liver spot removal. It is used at beauty salons and therapeutic clinics. 80g available.
Dark spots (13) | Face lifting (13) | Fatigue (7) | Jaw line (7) | Pores (7) | Slackened skin (7) | Loose skin (6) | Marionette lines (6) | Lost fat (3) | Muscle pain (3) |
No.713 Mr. S.Y, Saitama, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"I do not hit hard but the golf balls fly farther than expected. Chronic neck stiffness and eye strain have gone away! (2) "
On the first day of the competition, I hit the first ball while the tension was building up. I made a nice shot and the ball flew straight forward. I did not hit it so hard as I usually do but it flew farther than I had expected. We finished the 9th hole and had a lunch break. It was unusual that I had no foot/back pain and my shoes were not tight as my feet were not swollen. My wife was not tired at all. After the last half round, I rather felt comfortable than being exhausted. She played in a competition for the first time in the past 6 years and ran around to follow the ball but she had no muscle pain. I did not need to apply ointment which contains menthol on that day. I had no muscle pain. I did not feel stiffness of the shoulder/neck. I applied the cream after taking a bath and played golf the next day. After the competition, I was wondering when muscle pain would come up as I played two consecutive days. Eventually, I had no pain at all. Of course, I have been using the cream since then. I feel refreshed and a tired feeling is eliminated when I apply the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream. I have also found that applying the cream around the eyes helps to reduce eye strain. It depends on the person but you will find a dramatical "leap" effect if you are an experienced golf player with a low handicap score because you can relax when you hit a ball with no muscle stiffness. Let's enjoy doing sports with the tourmaline cream!
No.712 Mr. S.Y, Saitama, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"I do not hit hard but the balls flies farther than expected. Chronic neck stiffness and eye strain have gone away! (1)"
I have been playing golf for 16 years. My handicap is 15. Nowadays, I play golf much less frequently than before due to the economic recession. I used to practice every week but I only do a few weeks before a competition. I always damage my muscle while playing golf because I do not exercise on a regular basis. I have had back pain, neck/back stiffness and eye strain. I had massage and acupuncture treatments at a clinic at least once or twice a month until last year. I could feel comfortable only for a while because the muscle can maintain the softness for 30 minutes to 1 hour after having these treatments and I understood there was no permanent solution for stiffness. A friend of mine suggested I should join an event to experience the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream and where I encountered the cream for the first time on 31 Oct 2002. From the next day, I was supposed to visit my wife's hometown during 3 consecutive holidays and play golf there. The event staff showed me some positive effects of the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream. They advised me to apply the cream before playing golf, so that the ball would fly farther but I was not interested in this effect because I just wanted to improve the shoulder/neck stiffness and back pain. I actually applied the cream to the hands/soles. You may find it strange to apply cream to soles but I was used to it because I often visited Taiwan on business and had foot massage several times there. I did not find an effect when I applied to the hands/soles. However, my body felt lighter and I felt the severe stiffness went away when I applied it to the shoulder/neck. It is easy to forget something painful after the pain goes away. I purchased 1x 80g cream for the golf competition and went home. I applied the cream to the hands/legs/neck/back after bathing and my wife also did so.
No.711 Ms. S.M, Tokyo, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"Pain on my finger has disappeared. I have lost fat on my belly/legs!"
I discovered the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream at a weight loss event, which I joined with a friend of mine. I had a chance to have foot/hand/facial massage but I was reluctant to have the hand massage because I had fallen and fractured my finger a week before and the bone had not completely healed. One of the event staff reassured me "You will be fine!" so then I decide to try it. I was able to relax mentally during the 3 minute massage. The finger felt so light as if it were flying. I and the therapist were amazed because the finger got thinner. The discomfort of the fractured finger had completely gone away. I had never seen such a miracle cream before. I immediately purchased it and applied to my tummy and thighs every day. The loosened skin was instantly tightened. This is something like every fat cell gets smaller and the number of the cells decreases. I do not sweat much during exercise and my feet and hands often get swollen as I have bad metabolism. However, I sweat a lot after applying the tourmaline Biseki EX cream. My feet and hands are less likely to get swollen even after drinking a lot of water. I have been using the EX Cream for 2 weeks and have lost 5/3cm (2/1.2inches) around my tummy/upper legs. I used to wear only trousers to hide my fleshy legs but I will try a short skirt once summer comes.
No.710 Ms. S.T, Shizuoka, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"Swollen feet have gone down. Toxins and wastes have been released from the ankles! "
I often drive for work. My feet get swollen when I drive for long hours. I also feel pain. Toxins and synovial fluid collect in my ankles which I damaged while skiing when I was young. The swelling goes away and the toxins and synovial fluids are released from my ankles after I apply Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream which contains fine tourmaline particles. The areas where I apply the tourmaline cream get warm. I can feel that temperature on the skin gradually rises. This is something like your body feels warm after doing exercise as blood circulation is improved. I sweat a lot after applying the cream and impurities/wastes are released from inside the body. The muscle are softened/stretched and the stiffness goes away after I apply the cream to the whole surface of my legs. I can step forward smoothly with no unnecessary force when I walk. I used to have knee pain but it does not come back. I also apply the cream to my back. Stiffness of the muscle quickly goes away and the back pain is improved. The human body is more likely to store wastes and have pains as you get older. The fine tourmaline particle cream will help you to fight against aging effects. I recommended this product to my friends. They are happy with anti-aging effects. e.g. Joint pain has improved. Upper arms have got thinner.
No.709 Mr. H.S, Tokyo, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"I can go up stairs. Knee pain I had had for 10 years has completely gone away!"
The knee joint moves smoothly.

My right knee, which I damaged 20 years ago when I was skiing, is getting worse. It was difficult to walk properly. I have loved sports since I was a child. I had a ski instructor license. I used to look forward to winter when I was able to ski. I tried hot spring, chiropractic and other treatments but none worked. I was skeptical about the efficacy of the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream but the knee joint did move smoothly after I applied it. I walked and found no pain. I finally found the solution. I can freely move around as I have no pain. I became able to go up stairs after applying the cream and having a walk for 2 weeks. I am now looking forward to this coming winter because I may be able to ski again!
No.708 Ms. S.N, Tokyo, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"Back pain caused by slipped disc quickly subsided!"
Nerve pain caused by slipped disc has gone away.

I draw illustration and make animation with my computer. I sit on the chair with the same posture for several hours a day, so back pain is something like vocational disease. One day, I woke up in the morning but I could not get out of bed because of the back pain. My husband took me to a hospital and I was diagnosed with slipped disc. I had my back bones stretched and pulled for treatment every day at an orthopaedic clinic. The pain did not improve. It was hard to stand up and walk. I could not push a baby stroller. A friend of mine kindly applied the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream to the painful back. I was skeptical in the beginning but the pain went away. I was comfortable on that day with no pain. I have not recovered from slipped disc but I do not feel pain thanks to the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream. It does not contain perfume and it is good for my sensitive skin. I do not know how it works but it is true that it is good for nerve pain.
No.707 Ms. K.N, Chiba, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"My big face, which used to annoy me, has been tightened and lifted. I do not look like what I used to be!"
Fat on my cheeks has gone!

I wanted to lose fat on the cheek because I looked much more rotund than I actually was and my face looked bigger than someone who is as tall as me due to the fat, no matter how I was dressed. I considered having plastic surgery when a shop recommended a much larger dress because of my plump face but I could not go ahead with the surgery because I was scared of failure. Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream helped me. My face has been lifted while maintaining the natural appearance. The fat on the cheek and chin has disappeared and I no longer look like how I used to. I was impressed with the soft touch when I applied the cream for the first time and it penetrated deeply into the skin. The skin started to feel warm and became very soft after applying the tourmaline cream and whilst doing massage. I repeated this every day for a month and the face was eventually lifted well. I did not like to take photos with friends because of my chubby face and I always stood behind them and bent my neck down, so that it would not appear. I no longer need to hide! Also my make-up foundation stays well as my skin condition is now good.
No.706 Ms. S.Y, Kanagawa, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"I have finally lost weight with no diet control and no exercise! I have lost 8cm (approx. 3inches) around my belly! "
Lost weight with no diet control and no exercise.

I was able to lose 1-2kg (2-4lb) by eating less and doing some exercise when I was younger. I am now in my late 30's and I can no longer control my weight. A friend of mine recommended the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream to me when I almost gave up losing weight. She does not look as old as me because she has lost almost 10kg (22lb) and she has smooth skin. This made me decide to try the cream so I purchased it immediately. I applied the cream particularly to the back, thighs and around the belly after bathing every day. I am happy with the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream as it produces no odor, while some imported creams contain perfume. I first found that I perspired a lot and the body was kept warm. I had not become thinner but I felt as if I had lost weight. I thought this was because my physical condition had improved. Then, I started to lose weight and become thinner. I lost 7kg (approx. 15lb) and 8cm (approx. 3inches) around my belly in 3 months with no diet control and no exercise. The skirts and trousers I used to wear are now too large! My husband and daughter praise me as I have become thinner and more beautiful. My friends are all surprised at this tourmaline effect.
No.705 Ms. M.O, Tokyo, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"Chronic arm/neck stiffness has gone away!"
I had acute pain inside the muscle of my upper arm and shoulder. The pain was so intense it made me squat down when it suddenly occurred. It usually struck me while my body was moving. I tried chiropractic and massage treatments. The pain was temporarily alleviated after the treatment but it was not completely relieved and the acute pain came back the next day. I did some exercise as I was advised to build more muscle on the painful areas but it did not work. Every day, I was wondering how much longer the pain would last and what I should do?? I started to apply the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream. The pain located in the muscle completely went away in 2 weeks. I can now raise and rotate the arm with no pain. I no longer need to brace myself for a shock of pain when I put on and take off a shirt or when I hold on to a strap in a train as now the pain no longer strikes me.
No.704 Ms. T.S, Saitama, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"The body swelling caused by leaking of an intravenous drip injection has subsided after applying the cream!"
Severe swelling of the right half body has gone away.

I accidentally fell and fractured my left arm when I was cleaning my room. I had to have surgery to insert a metal plate to support the wrist joint because this part was also damaged. After the surgery I was put on a drip to prevent inflammation. During the drip period, the right arm felt heavy with pain. It turned into pale and started to swell. I asked a nurse to come. She found leaking was occurring because the needle was not properly inserted. She immediately stopped the drip but the right half body from the head to toe swelled up and I could not move the right arm at all as it was heavy like a timber rod. She said leaking would not cause a negative effect but I was nervous about the cold and swollen body. My daughter applied the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream to the bottom half of the legs down to toes/soles and did massage to the downward direction. Blood circulation started to improve and I felt warm in the right leg. The heavy feeling disappeared and the severe swelling of the right half body subsided. I was able to move the body the next day and eventually recovered to walk the day after. Nurses and other patients in the room were all amazed with the effect of the Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream. It saved me from the unexpected accident.
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Customer Reviews on this page are just for your reference and they do not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment. Customer Reviews written in Japanese are translated into English by Ion Trading.
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