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Germanium Curb Chain Necklace (50cm) (1)

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Germanium Curb Chain Necklace

99.9% purified organic germanium is evenly mixed with silver throughout the chain. This necklace has more germanium effects than those with germanium coated only on the surface. The special process technology ensures long-lasting shine of the surface. The adjustable clasp allows fine adjustment of the length.
Neck stiffness (5) | Shoulder pain (4) | Shoulder stiffness (4) | Back pain (2) | Headache (2) | Backache (1) | Good sleep (1) | Insomnia (1) | Knee pain (1) | Neck pain (1) |
No.931 Mr. K.K, Aichi, Japan

"This necklace is stylish. It helps to alleviate neck stiffness!"
I purchased this necklace for my grandmother because she was suffering from neck stiffness. She is so happy because her friends envy this stylish necklace and she feels that the stiffness is improved.
No.1161 Mr. I.T, Toyama, Japan

"I was worried when I ordered it online but I received what I had expected earlier than I had thought!"
I am happy because: Honestly, I was worried when I ordered this necklace online but I received what I had expected. I was also impressed because it arrived in the morning 2 days after I placed the order.

Thank you for replacing with another product. Actually, I mistakenly ordered a wrong product. I knew this was my fault and I thought you would not accept the return but I called you anyway. I have not found an effect because I have had no health problems.

Other comments: What should I do if the surface of the necklace starts to tarnish? How can I take care of it on a daily basis?

[From Ion Trading] Thank you for you feedback. The special process technology ensures long-lasting shine of the surface and it is less likely to tarnish compared to other silver necklaces. However, you can wipe it with a jewelry polishing cloth if the surface gets dirty, so that it will continue to shine.
No.102 Mr. T.S, Tokyo Japan

"The surface does not turn to black even after sweating. I wear it when bathing!"
I wear it every day. I thought it would get rusty and turn to black as it is made from silver and germanium but it does not change at all. I even wear it while bathing. It also withstands sweat. I like germanium.
No.980 Mr. T.Y, Kanagawa, Japan

"I decided to purchase this germanium necklace because it is longer than 70cm!"
Reasons why I decided to purchase:
  1. This germanium necklace is longer than 70cm.
  2. The length is adjustable.
  3. It is the only product that is priced below 20,000JPY.
Effect(s) of the product:
  • I have been wearing it since I received it but I have not found an effect yet. I hope stiffness of my neck will improve.
Other comments:
  • Thank you for a good shopping experience. I was impressed with your prompt customer service.
No.103 Mr. S.K, Kanagawa Japan

"I am fine as my back pain and shoulder stiffness decreased. What an amazing result with this affordable price!"
I had been suffering from backache in the morning before I got this great product. I am so happy because I now feel well when I get up in the morning thanks to this necklace. My shoulder stiffness has decreased. What an amazing result with the affordable price!
No.975 Mr. F, Kochi, Japan

"This is my 2nd purchase. I gave it to a friend of mine!"
I bought this nice necklace for myself before. This is my 2nd purchase. I gave it to a friend of mine.
No.116 Ms. Y.T, Kanagawa Japan

"I like the not-boring design. I wear it every day!"
I like the not boring design. I wear it every day.
No.244 Mr. S.A, Gunma, Japan

"Stiffness of the shoulder has gone. I have been wearing it since then!"
I ordered the germanium necklace to give to my wife and I tried it before giving to her. Stiffness of the shoulder was gone. It worked! Since then, I have been wearing it except when taking a bath. I stay up late at night because I feel better. The Christmas wrapping service was nice. Thank you for the great shopping experience. I may purchase another product on your website in the near future.
No.243 Mr. M.H, Hyogo, Japan

"I am happy with the design. I hope it will soon start to work!"
I have severe shoulder pain and have tried a lot of non-metallic germanium necklaces which are something like sport players wear. Despite my hope, none of them helped to alleviate the stiffness. I found this product while searching for a metallic one and decided to order it because of the design/price. So far, no positive effect has been found since I started to wear it a week ago but I am happy with the design. I hope it will soon start to work.
No.380 Mr. A.L, Singapore-city, Singapore

"It looks really good!"
The Germanium Curb Chain necklace looks really good and with the right length that I am looking for. It does alleviate my neck and shoulder stiffness and aching.
[Please note]
Customer Reviews on this page are just for your reference and they do not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment. Customer Reviews written in Japanese are translated into English by Ion Trading.
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