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This compact mobile negative ion generator (ionizer) is iON certified by the JAIRA (Japan Association of Ion Research and Application). The cell phone look-alike compact negative ion generator (ionizer) generates a sufficient amount of negative ions for mobile use. You can wear it around the neck and take it with you wherever you go. White color available.
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No.1043 Mr. T.T, Tokyo, Jpan

"Symptoms of hayfever are better than usual. I do not need to wear a mask when I go out!"
I am happy because: I have been using this device since I received it. I used to get terrible hayfever every year. I do not want to take prescribed medication because I am worried about the side effects, so I have been using this product for about 10 days while wearing a mask and taking mild medication sold at a pharmacy.

It seems symptoms of hayfever are better than usual. I can go out without wearing a mask except when the weather is fine and clear. I will continue to use it during this hayfever season. It is very lightweight and it does not produce an offensive odor. The noise does not disturb me at all.

I am not happy because: This is not a serious problem but the noise, which is generated while it is working, gets weaker soon after replacing with a new battery. I know the device is working because the blue LED turns on but I replace the battery every day for just in case.

Ironically, this is an advantage of this product because it works on a UM-3 battery. Some products supplied by other companies require specially designed batteries which are hard to get. If you are going purchase this product, I suggest you should also get rechargeable UM-3 batteries and the charger.

This product comes in a cute container which is like a tea canister. It would be great if it came with a small pouch or bag, so that I could put this device and a spare battery in it. I got one at a local shop but it does not look nice.

[From Ion Trading] Thank you for your feedback. The noise becomes louder or weaker and the tone changes depending on the air purification level, humidity and so on. As long as the ion indication light turns on, it is working. The amount of negative ions generated by this device stays the same until the voltage drops down to the 80% level. It is economically a good idea to use a rechargeable battery. We will consider including a rechargeable battery in the package and designing a pouch.
No.981 Ms. M.F, Osaka, Japan

"It is easy to carry around and it weighs lighter than I expected!"
I am happy because: The negative ion blow off point is embedded in the body. This is great because I put this device in a bag when I carry it around. It weighs less than I expected.

I am not happy because: It would be better if the battery could last longer and the blue light were smaller.

[From Ion Trading] Thank you for your feedback. The battery normally lasts 56-70 hours +/- depending on the ambient conditions when it is new. We will do our best to develop a product which consumes less power.
No.935 Ms. J.H, Aichi, Japan

"I purchased this device for my son as he had terrible nasal congestion!"
It is cute and the combination of the white body and the blue LED light is beautiful. I purchased this device for my son as he had terrible nasal congestion. I hope he will not need nose drops which he currently uses everyday. He has not found an effect yet as he has just started to use it. Thank you for this affordable product.
No.904 Mr. S.K.F, Singapore-city, Singapore

"Excellent customer service at its highest level!"
The product failed after one week of usage. But after informing ion trading, a replacement set was sent to me without hesitation. This is indeed excellent customer service at its highest level. Thank you very much.
No.877 Ms. M.T, Ibaraki, Japan

"I had coughing caused by hayfever, which was like an asthma attack. It has stopped and I can go out without wearing a mask!"
I am happy because: I used to suffer from terrible hay fever. The symptoms were itchy nose/eyes/skin and continuous coughing like asthma. I have been able to go out without wearing a mask since I started to use the IONION EX. It seems that the air is clear around me. I no longer cough. My husband is so impressed with the effects, so he lends this device to his friends. I am looking forward to the next spring season.

I am not happy because: It would be more convenient if it came with a clip, so that I could attach it to my pocket. Actually, it swings around as it is suspended by the strap. This disturbs me when I am working.

[From Ion Trading] Thank you for the detailed feedback. We will consider a clip.
No.866 Ms. P.I.L, Texas, United States

"This tiny ionion helps me out from airborne pollution!"
It works well in the flu/cold season. I wear it when I go to a public place such as supermarket, classroom, a library, etc. I can hear people surrounding me coughing, sneezing. This tiny ionion helps me out from airborne pollution. This one works well compared with other models I had before.
No.542 Mr. T.Y, Osaka, Japan

"My shoulder stiffness and irritation have greatly improved!"
This is the 1st wearable negative ion generator I have ever found. I like the compact body and its color tone. I used to have neck stiffness and get irritated while working at the desk. The stiffness has greatly improved since I started to wear it a few weeks ago. I hope I will find more negative ion effects. I love this affordable compact negative ion generator.
No.459 Ms. F.K, Gifu, Japan

"I like this compact and lightweight body!"
I like this compact and lightweight body. I can carry it around.
No.458 Ms. N.K, Tokyo, Japan

"A relative of mine asked me "What is this? My eyes are not itchy when I hold your daughter in the arms.""
The day after we received the IONION, my 4 year daughter attended a memorial service while wearing it around the neck and she did not scratch her eyes at all. A relative of mine, who has hayfever, asked me "What is this? My eyes are not itchy when I hold your daughter in the arms." My daughter wears it when she gets up in the morning and places it close to the pillow when she goes to bed. She now only takes half an anti-allergy tablet every morning and no longer needs to apply eye drops. I removed the strap for safety reasons, made a rubber pouch for protection in order to be acceptable by the kindergarten. I should have purchased the larger model for more negative ion effects. The doctor in charge seems to be skeptical but I am sure negative ion therapy works.

PS: I am a nurse.
No.457 Mr. Y.S, Kanagawa, Japan

"It helps to alleviate symptoms of hayfever. I am happy with this mobile ionizer as I can wear it around the neck!"
I love this mobile negative ion generator as it helps to alleviate the symptoms of hayfever and I can wear it around the neck.
[Please note]
Customer Reviews on this page are just for your reference and they do not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment. Customer Reviews written in Japanese are translated into English by Ion Trading.
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