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This compact mobile negative ion generator (ionizer) is iON certified by the JAIRA (Japan Association of Ion Research and Application). The cell phone look-alike compact negative ion generator (ionizer) generates a sufficient amount of negative ions for mobile use. You can wear it around the neck and take it with you wherever you go. White color available.
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No.456 Mr. T.K, Kanagawa, Japan

"Itchy eyes caused by hayfever have improved!"
I had severe hayfever. Itchy eyes have improved. I wear it while working as it is lightweight.
No.455 Mr. M.S, Saitama, Japan

"I no longer need to wear a mask while indoors!"
I no longer need to wear a mask while indoors. My colleagues asked me where I got it and how much it was. So I ordered several units for them. They are all happy with the negative ion effects.
No.454 Mr. M.I, Aichi, Japan

"I purchased it for my wife as she has hayfever. She feels it is working!"
I purchased it for my wife as she has severe hayfever. She has not found a negative effect yet but she believes she will find some as the pollen count rises.
No.453 Ms. J.S, Tokyo, Japan

"I use it as a preventive measure against flu infection in a crowded train!"
I like this MP3 look alike design which goes with any outfit. I use it as a preventive measure against flu infection in a crowded train. I am going to give this product to a friend of mine for her birthday gift.
No.452 Ms. M.Y, Kanagawa, Japan

"I had terrible running nose caused by hayfever. My nose does not run when it is turned on. The symptom starts again when it is turned off!"
I purchased the IONION because I work in a dusty place and I get severe hayfever every spring. I am impressed with this compact negative ion generator as my nasal passages are much clearer. It is sometimes turned off accidentally when the switch hits something but I turn it on again immediately because my nose starts running. I hope I will feel better during this coming pollen season.
No.451 Mr. M.N, Aichi, Japan

"Hope I will find some as the hayfever season is coming soon!"
I found the IONION by chance while surfing the net and ordered it. I also found some negative ion generators but I did not like the design because they all looked like machines. I have not found a significant effect but hope I will find some as the hayfever season is coming soon. When I listen closely, the tick-tock sounds assure me that it is working.
No.450 Mr. C.K, Shizuoka, Japan

"It alleviates the headache and makes me feel good!"
I always get headache when I am stressed. This symptom started as I got more and more stressed. The IONION alleviates the headache and makes me feel good. My mother has numbness in her legs because of her poor blood circulation. She tried this negative ion generator and it worked. This is why I have decided to order another one for her. My wife would be happy if some color variations were available like the strap.

[From Ion Trading] Thank you for your request. We will consider other colors.
No.449 Mr. K.S, Aichi, Japan

"I often got a stomach ache caused by cigarette smoke. My boss is a smoker! I feel better now!"
I often get a stomach ache caused by cigarette smoke as my boss smokes in the car. Actually, I used to use a similar negative ion generator which did not work well so I found the IONION. It does not remove the smoke completely but I feel better. I like the stylish body. The blue LED is convenient because it reminds me to turn it off. I often forgot to turn off the old one, it ran out of battery and it didn't turn on the next day. It is also great as this product runs on 1x UM3 dry battery as they are more affordable than lithium batteries.
No.448 Ms. S.T, Gifu, Japan

"I enjoy a better sleep now!"
I have a sound sleep.
No.447 Mr. K.M, Saitama, Japan

"I cough less!"
I cough less. It would be more convenient if it were clippable.

[From Ion Trading] Thank you for your comment. The Air Tamer, which you can clip to your pocket, is available.
[Please note]
Customer Reviews on this page are just for your reference and they do not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment. Customer Reviews written in Japanese are translated into English by Ion Trading.
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