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High Density Negative Ion Generator, Ionizer - Medical Ion Mini

4.5 out of 5 stars
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High Density Negative Ion Generator - Medical Ion Mini

The industry's top class and internationally patented negative ion generator (ionizer) fills your room with negative ions within a few minutes. We have received an incredible amount of positive feedback about the performance such as Good sleep, Reduce cigarette smoke, Less tired. It quickly eliminates pollen, dust, cigarette smoke, etc. Safety and user-friendly features are incorporated.
Sleep well (20) | Negative ion effect (17) | Fall asleep (12) | Better sleep (9) | Cigarette smoke (8) | Stress (7) | Running nose (5) | Sleeping problem (5) | Deep sleep (4) | Runny nose (4) |
No.293 Ms. Y.S, Saitama, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"I wake up very refreshed the following day after absorbing negative ions all day long!"
My hay fever improved. I feel the cool air. I wake up very refreshed the following day after absorbing negative ions all day long.
No.292 Mr. T.A, Saitama, Japan
4 out of 5 stars

"The air in the room is cool and my nose is clearer!"
I have not found any significant effects yet since I purchased it on 14th this month. I have difficulty falling asleep and wake up at the middle of night. I purchased this product in order to improve the sleeping problems. I installed it in my bedroom and turn it on before going to bed. The air in the room is cool and my nose is clearer. I will let you know if I find other positive effects.
No.291 Mr. J.S, Saitama, Japan
4 out of 5 stars

"I had itchy eyes and sneezing caused by hayfever. The symptoms do not appear any more!"
I found no positive effect on hay fever, itchy eyes and sneezing because the window was open! The symptoms do not appear when I stay close to the Medical Ion Mini with the window closed. My hands feel cool when placed in front of the generator, which assures me that negative ions are generated. So far, it has not worked on offensive odors, stiffness of the shoulder and sleeping problems. I am going to change the location to see how it works.
No.290 Ms. K.O, Saitama, Japan
4 out of 5 stars

"The odors started to disappear in a week!"
We have 2 cats and the male started urine-marking. The odors started to disappear in a week. Guests to our home say the room does not smell at all.
No.289 Ms. H.S, Osaka, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"Terrible neck stiffness and headache quickly improved. Hayfever symptoms were also alleviated!"
I was surprised at the cool air which was release from the Medical Ion Mini when I turned it on. No change was observed until the 3rd day but after that my headache and stiffness of the shoulder subsided, my ability to concentrate was enhanced and my hay fever symptoms improved. I am impressed with the result during the short period of time. I enjoy healthy life.
No.288 Mr. S.M, Osaka, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"I no longer suffer from asthma! My mother has hayfever. The symptoms have been greatly reduced."
I installed the Medical Ion Mini in my parents' home where the rooms are untidy. I feel the clean and fresh air. The symptoms of asthma are gone. Plants are healthier. My mother is not suffering from hay fever this year. I hope more effects will be found. I am going to continue to use it. It is compact and easy to take care of because it requires almost no maintenance.
No.287 Ms. A.I, Osaka, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"Sneezing caused by hayfever has gone. I no longer suffer from headache pain!"
This year the symptoms of hay fever were not so bad but once I started to sneeze it did not stop. The sneezing has gone since I installed the Medical Ion Mini. I initially bought it for hay fever but it also helps to alleviate headache pain caused by daily PC use. I was so impressed that no symptom appeared during my trial period.
No.286 Ms. K.S, Osaka, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"I am happy because itchy eyes caused by hayfever have improved!"
Stiffness of the shoulder, swollen feet and itchy eyes have improved since I started to use it. The compact body fits my room and it is easy to carry around. It also decorates the room and I feel very refreshed.
No.285 Mr. K.S, Osaka, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"How wonderful it is to experience a walk in the woods in my room! I always have a deep breath when I come home!"
I purchased the Medical Ion Mini because I already knew about negative ion effects. Working in a big city often makes you tired. The other day I went to a hot spring and had a chance to have a rest in a negative ion room where negative ions were being generated by the air conditioner, and I found I felt better, relaxed and the cells of my body felt reactivated. I started to search for a compact negative ion generator which fits my room in order to absorb negative ions in the room. I found this one on the internet, and then I immediately ordered it. It is cute and I like the wood body. How wonderful it is to experience a walk in the woods in my room! I always have a deep breath when I come home. Thank you for healthy life.
No.284 Ms. H.M, Nagasaki, Japan
5 out of 5 stars

"It removes dog odors in the room. It also helps to reduce his stress!"
I have a golden retriever in the house. I searched for a negative ion generator using tungsten needles in order to remove the odors and finally found the Medical Ion Mini on the internet. It works far better than I expected! The dog odors are gone! I used to open the windows to ventilate the room as soon as I came home from work. It also helps to reduce his stress while waiting for me alone. He often barked at me to welcome me when I came back but he does not bark any more. It is not cheap but worth investing. I have got the right product.
[Please note]
Customer Reviews on this page are just for your reference and they do not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment. Customer Reviews written in Japanese are translated into English by Ion Trading.
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