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No.1078 Ms. R.S, Shizuoka, Japan     (A112041A)
5 out of 5 stars
"My nasal passages were caused by hayfever cleared and itchy eyes were greatly decreased as soon as I started to wear it!"
Personal Negative Ion Generator - AirTamer A302 I have been wearing it for 24 hours. I have been suffering from hayfever every year. Medication did not work this year. I found this mobile ionizer on the internet and decided to purchase it.

My nasal passages were cleared and itchy eyes were greatly decreased as soon as I started to wear it around the neck. What a wonderful product! I cannot believe it has done such a great job.

The pollen count is very high in the area where I live. I wear this device for 24 hours and take medication when a lot of pollen is in the air but I do not need the medication when the count is low. Thank you!
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Personal Negative Ion Generator - AirTamer A302
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  Product summary
Personal Negative Ion Generator - AirTamer A302
This personal wearable negative ion generator generates a lot of negative ions despite the small body. It works as a personal air purifier and it has much higher air purification capabilities than competing products. It removes pollen and cigarette smoke. It also helps to prevent flu viruses. It is comfortable to wear around the neck as it is as small as an MP3 player.
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