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Highly Accurate Air Ion Counter Tester inti-PRO NT-C101A > Customer Reviews
No.2818 Mr. I.K, Kanagawa, Japan     (A129381A)
5 out of 5 stars
"This ion counter is great as it conforms to the JIS standard and provides accurate measurement. "
Highly Accurate Air Ion Counter Tester inti-PRO NT-C101A Reason(s) why I purchased from you: It comes with a specially designed box. It is important to store a measuring instrument in a suitable place. Otherwise, it can become defective. The radium sheet for test operation included in the package is useful. I decided to purchase from you because your price was similar to others but you offered the benefits.

I am happy because: I used to use the ITC-201A (discontinued) manufactured by ANDES Electric. It got broken and then I purchased this model. The counter I used to use ran on the built-in rechargeable battery. The battery started to run out quickly before the counter finally got broken. Battery deterioration determines the life span of an instrument which runs on a built-in battery. This model is great as it runs on UM-3 batteries which I can get at a local shop.

It provides more stable measurement than the old one which was using a simple parallel flat plate detector. It uses a double coaxial cylinder type ion detector which provides reliable measurement. It conforms to the JIS standard.

An air ion counter can be used as meteorological observation equipment. The reading rises when a thundercloud comes and the electric field changes. It can also detect ionized radioactive materials floating in the air such as radon. It can be used to check if a device, which is supposed to release air ions, is working properly. This great instrument has many applications. Here are examples I experienced.

1. The air ion count rose sharply just under a thundercloud. It was amazing.

2. The air ion count rose after Fukushima nuclear accident. It was caused by radioactive substances falling onto the ground. Radioactive substances which emitted alpha/beta radiation were floating in the air. I used the NT-C101A along with another radiation measurement instrument to find radioactive hotspots. While a general radiation measurement instrument can detect gamma radiation only, the NC-C101A is good for substances which emit alpha/beta radiation, so I was able to measure those substances which were floating in the air. I took soil samples at the hotspots.

3. There is a layer of sediment containing old fossil shells near my house. The air ion concentration level is high where the radiation level is high. The air ion count rises as radon gas is released from the uranium soil.

4. I found an ozone generator was not working. I was using the ozone generator to deodorize well water. You can use an air ion counter to check if your air conditioner/purifier or ozone/ion generator is working properly.

5. I used this product and an electrostatic meter to find that an ion hair dryer releases a lot of negative ions while releasing a very few positive ions. It removes positively charged intense static electricity which occurs when you brush the hair in order to protect the hair. It suppresses cuticle damage caused by intense charging/discharging.

6. I measured air ions where volcanoes were active. The air ion counts were very high where underground water/gas flowed well. Underground activities caused the high ion counts. An instrument provides figures as you cannot see air ions with the naked eye. If you measure air ions, you can observe phenomena such as meteorological air ionization states, existence of radioactive substances floating in the air, the operating state of an ion generator and so on.
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Highly Accurate Air Ion Counter Tester inti-PRO NT-C101A
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      Product summary
    Highly Accurate Air Ion Counter Tester inti-PRO NT-C101A
    Highly accurate air ion counter tester conforming to the JIS standard. Good for R/D and product promotion. Measures a wide range of ion counts from 10 to 2,999,000 (pcs/cc). For ions emitted by natural ores, negative ion generators, hair dryers. No complicated setting required. Starts measurement immediately after 10 seconds warm up. Developed by ANDES ELECTRIC CO., LTD., the Japanese leading manufacturer of ion counters.
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    [Please note] Customer Reviews on this page are just for your reference and they do not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment.
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