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Air Ion Counter IC-1000

(Made in USA )
Product Number: IC-1000
List Price: US$1324.59
Price: US$724.55 & FREE Shipping
Payment methods: Credit/Debit card, PayPal
It will take approx. 10-18 days to ship.
Comes with 2 Years Warranty
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Marketing Manager: Masaharu Nemoto

Product Summary

Usable worldwide!
You can use this ion counter in most countries as it works with AC100-240V and comes with the AC plug adaptors for the countries.

Can Measure Positive/Negative Ions Simultaneously - Great for Product Promotion

You can measure positive/negative ions simultaneously.

It is great for product promotion because it digitally displays ions which you cannot see with the naked eye. Seeing is believing!

Lightweight Compact Body & Battery Driven

The compact body weighs only 460g, fits your palm and is powered by the battery. It is great for outdoor use as it is easy to carry around.

How to Operate

1. Turn on the counter

(1) Make sure the RANGE knob is positioned at "OFF".

(2) Turn the POLARITY switch to the center position (halfway between "+" and "-")

(3) Turn the right toggle switch to "STANDBY".

(4) Turn the RANGE knob to any of "19.99", "199.9" and "1999" to turn on the counter.

2. Zero adjustment

(1) Adjust the OFFSET knob so that the display reads zero +/- 2 counts (+/- 0.02).

---- The zero adjustment is completed! ----

3. Measurement

(1) Turn the POLARITY switch to "-" or "+".

(2) Turn the right toggle switch to "MEASURE".

---- The air suction fan is turned on.----

(3) Measurement will start. The image shows 4360(pcs/cc) of negative ions generted by the Radium ceramic balls.

You can refer to Part Names & View of the IC-1000 for more details.

Demonstration Video & Photos of Actual Measurements

✔ Demonstration Video of Actual Measurements

Measurement of radium ceramic balls

Play time: 1:08

If the video does not start, please click here.

✔ Photos of Actual Measurements

* The readings shown on the LCD display are not exact measurement results.

Tourmaline pillow
Negative ion card
Negative ion hair dryer
Mobile negative ion generator
Tourmaline necklace
Tourmaline & Magnet necklace
Negative ion supporter
Tourmaline stones
Artificial potted plant pained with Tourmaline paint
Hair brush pained with Tourmaline paint

Measurement Examples

Example #1 - Company N1 (Saitama, Japan)
Measured samplePlastic card painted with the special paint containing tourmaline powder (100X70X1mm)
Measured locationCompany N1's laboratory, Saitama Japan
Distance from sampleapprox. 10mm
State of sampleNot in motion
Ion count800 (pcs/cc)

Example #2 - Company Y (Osaka, Japan)
Measured sampleFelt sheet containing tourmaline powder
Measured locationIon Trading Office, Tokyo Japan
Distance from sampleapprox. 10mm
State of sample (1) Not in motion (2) Rolled and rubbed
Ion count(1)180 (2)4,000 (pcs/cc)

Example #3 - Company N2 (Tokyo, Japan)
Measured sampleBlanket containing ore powder
Measured locationCompany N2's reception room, Tokyo Japan
Distance from sampleapprox. 10mm
State of sample(1) Not in motion (2) Rolled and rubbed
Ion count(1)500-800 (2)2,000-10,000 (pcs/cc)

Example #4 - Company S (Tokyo, Japan)
Measured sampleCeiling/Wall painted with a special paint containing tourmaline powder
Measured locationCompany S's office, Tokyo Japan
Distance from sampleapprox. 10mm
State of sampleNot in motion
Ion count250-800 (pcs/cc)

Example #5 - Company T (Fukuoka, Japan)
Measured sampleSheet containing charcoal powder (200X200X3mm)
Measured locationCompany T's factory, Fukuoka Japan
Distance from sampleapprox. 10mm
State of sample(1) Not in motion (2) Rolled and rubbed
Ion count(1)30-200 (2)300-2,000 (pcs/cc)

Ion Counts Measured in Tokyo

Here are ion counts we actually measured.

Unit: (pcs/cc)
Location Negative ion Positive ion Temp. Humid.
Ion Trading office kitchen 220 180 28C 65%R.H.
Balcony of a 6th floor flat
(Tachikawa-city Tokyo)
200 300 27C 45%R.H.
Entrance of a press shop
(Tachikawa-city Tokyo)
150 500 26C 60%R.H.
Woods in a park
(Hino-city Tokyo)
300 450 24C 78%R.H.
Pond in a park
(Hino-city Tokyo)
650 600 26C 50%R.H.
River side
(Hino-city Tokyo)
300 400 25C 61%R.H.
Car exhaust
(Toyota Cresta)
1,200 3,000 23C 68%R.H.
(Fuchu-city Tokyo)
8,000 2,000 31C 45%R.H.

* Measured Date: 15:30-18:00 15th Jun 2000 (Fountain: 16:00 11th Jul 2000)

Package Contents

  1. Air ion counter
  2. Ion generator for test operation
  3. Aluminum carrying case (*)
  4. Grounding cable
  5. Warranty card
  6. Spare battery
  7. Instruction manual

(*) The aluminum carrying case may differ from the image

Part Names & View of the IC-1000

Front side panel

Top side panel

Left side panel

Bottom side panel

View of the IC-1000

Q & A

(1) Can it measure positive ions?
Yes, you can manually switch to the positive <-> negative ion measurement mode.
(2) What is the measurement range?
It can measure 10-1,999,000(pcs/cc). Ions generated by most of products should be within this range.
(3) What is the power source?
It is driven by 1x 9V alkaline dry battery, which is great for outdoor use.
(4) What kind of ions can it measure?
It can measure small air ions only.
(5) How long does it take to complete zero adjustment?
It usually takes less than a minute where no ion source is present nearby and air flow is stable.
(6) Can it measure ions during a specified measurement time only?
No, it cannot. This counter continues to display the latest ion count. You can record ion data at some points to make graphs or to calculate the average count by yourself.

(7) Can I measure ion densities in water?
No, you can't. This ion counter is for air ions.
(8) What is the lowest ion density this counter can measure?
It is 10 (pcs/cc).
(9) How long will the battery last?
It will last approx. 5 hours in the measurement mode and approx. 60 hours in the standby mode.


P/N: IC-1000
Product name Air Ion Counter IC-1000
Detectable ion Positive/Negative small air ions
Air flow rate 400 (cm3/sec)
Efficiency of ion collection 65%
Input resistance: 1010 Ohms
Battery One 9V alkaline. Current drain is about 5mA on STANDBY, and 40mA on MEASURE. All 3 decimal points display when battery becomes weak (below 7.4V). Battery life is about 40 hours on STANDBY and 2-3 hours on MEASURE.
Measurement range 10 - 1,999,000 (pcs/cc)

Range 19.99: 10 - 19,990 (pcs/cc)
Range 199.9: 100 - 199,900 (pcs/cc)
Range 1999: 1000 - 1,999,000 (pcs/cc)
Measurement method Parallel flat plates method
Mobility 0.8 (cm2/Vs)
Noise level (2 second-weighting) approximately 10 ions/cm3
Accuracy +/-25% for fast ions (mobility greater than 0.8 (cm2/VS) - these are the most numerous ions. This ion counter is less sensitive to "slow" ions such as charged pieces of dust).
Minimum detectable density 10 (pcs/cc)
Setting time approx. 2 seconds (response time), and 10 sec (after switchover between "+" and "-")
Ion Selectivity (crosstalk) 1:5000. That is, if POLARITY is set to "+", the meter will display 1/5000 of the "-" ion density (as a negative number) if there are many negative ions and no positive ions. With POLARITY set in its center position, the meter will read a number which is 1/10 the "+" density, minus 1/10 the "-" density.
Operating temperature range 0-50C (14-122F)
Operating humidity range 90% R.H. or below (no condensation)
Weight approx. 460g
Dimensions W90xH160xD58 (mm)
Made in USA

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