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Tourmaline Cool Pillow (Blue)

The moderately resilient urethane holds the head softly. This material was developed by NASA to absorb the impact force applied to a spaceship when it re-enters the earth's atmosphere.
The patented tourmaline processing technology *1 is used in the pillow body/cover. You can enjoy negative ions while sleeping.
The cool gel maintains 3-5 C lower temperatures than ambient to keep the head cool and feet warm *2.

*1 Tourmaline generates little amount of negative ions when external pressure or friction is not applied.
*2 It helps you to have a good sleep for good health.

Blue color available
Tourmaline Cool Pillow (Blue)
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Tourmaline Cool Pillow (Blue)
Product Number:TRM-2-B
Product Name:Tourmaline Cool Pillow (Blue)
Price:US$247.52 & FREE Shipping
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Marketing Manager: Masaharu Nemoto

Generates negative ions when not in motion due to the patented technology *3

The advanced technology used in the material generates negative ions. The negative ions generated are proven in the performance in Ecological Tourmaline Sheet, Tourmaline Pleasant Sleep Pillow and other best selling products.

*3 While most tourmaline products generate negative ions only when external pressure or friction is applied, the Tourmaline Cool Pillow generates negative ions without external force.

Designed to hold the head softly, Low resilient material

It is designed to fit the neck to reduce stress to the head/back. The inner material made from low resilient urethane helps to hold the head softly at the right position. The synergy with negative ions enhances relaxation.

Cool gel

The cool gel maintains 3-5 C lower temperatures than ambient. You will wake up refreshed and recharged.

The moderately resilient cool gel maintains the viscosity and the soft touch feeling. You will be comfortable with it. Good night!

Negative ions absorbed through the body surface and the breath!

It is ideal that negative ions are close to your head/face/mouth as they are said to be absorbed through the body surface and the breath.

Tourmaline effects forever

Tourmaline always maintains the characteristics of the electric stone under normal use, which means tourmaline effects last forever. However, the material of the pillow becomes worn out through use.

Comes with the pillow cover which generates negative ions

The pillow cover as well as the pillow body generates negative ions.


Customer Reviews - Tourmaline Cool Pillow (Blue)

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No.204 Ms. K.N, Osaka, Japan
I no longer wake up in the middle of night. I can have a deep sleep!
I feel cool. I can have a deep sleep.
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P/N: TRM-2-B
Product name Tourmaline Cool Pillow (Blue)
Dimensions Approx. 35X55(cm)
Thickness High/Low part: Approx. 11.0/8.5cm
Weight Approx. 1.85kg
Color Blue
Inner material Polyurethane, Tourmaline sheet, Cool gel
Outer surface 100% cotton
Pillow cover 35% cotton, 65% Polyester
Made in Japan
Limited Warranty 2 years from the date of purchase
Stock No
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