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Mixed Color Tourmaline Necklace (Button Beads) 43/50/55/60cm (16.9/19.6/21.6/23.6")

4.3 out of 5 stars
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Mixed Color Tourmaline Necklace (Button Beads)

This Mixed Color Tourmaline Necklace is made with colorful button tourmaline beads. Negative ions generated by the high quality tourmaline have positive effects on health. It is easy to put on and take off with the magnetic clasp.
Sleep well (2) |
No.79 Mr. R.G, Victoria, Australia
4 out of 5 stars

"Great at promoting a general feeling of well-being and alertness!"
The tourmaline necklaces are a unique and beautiful product, the ideal gift for a loved one. The Ion products are great at promoting a general feeling of well-being and alertness.
No.1222 Ms. M.M, Tottori, Japan
4 out of 5 stars NEW

"I am looking forward to synergy effects with the tourmaline sheet."
I purchased the tourmaline sheet and it worked well. My mother has been using it since then. She is so happy because she can sleep well and neck stiffness has improved.

I purchased the tourmaline necklace and I am looking forward to synergy effects. She is not sure if the necklace is working because the tourmaline sheet has already worked well but she is gong to continue to wear it.
No.883 Ms. S.U, Tokyo, Japan
4 out of 5 stars NEW

"The shoulder/neck stiffness has not improved yet but I am happy with the classic colors!"
I am happy because: I was searching for a magnetic necklace for my severe neck stiffness because I thought it might work. Then, I found your article and decided to purchase this necklace. I have not found an effect yet. I wear it 24/7. The stiffness has not improved yet but I am happy with the classic colors.

I am not happy because: I know it depends on the person but I am wondering how long it normally takes before you find an effect.

[From Ion Trading] Thank you for your feedback and comment. We cannot guarantee that it will help to alleviate the neck stiffness because it is not a medical device. Some customers find effects as soon as they start to wear it, while it takes some time for others to find the effects. It depends on the person as you know. We are glad to hear that you are happy with the colors. We hope you will continue to wear it.
No.1211 Mr. I.O, Shizuoka, Japan
5 out of 5 stars NEW

"It works for neck stiffness and aftereffects of spinal canal stenosis. Actually, I had surgery. I can sleep deeply. My family members have become healthy. "
I found your shop in Jan this year when I was searching for health related products as a memento because I reached 70 years old. I learnt tourmaline effects and read the articles on your site.

I talked with your company president on the phone. I received the necklace soon after I placed the order and then I started to wear it. Thank you for the prompt shipment.

I actually experienced 3 effects found on the testimonials. It helps me to sleep well and works for neck stiffness and aftereffects of spinal canal stenosis. Actually, I had surgery. I feel much better.

I gave the necklace to my oldest son because he had knee pain. Yes, it worked. My 2nd oldest son also tried the necklace as he had back pain. The pain has been relieved. My wife has been having medical treatment of cataract at a hospital for 4 years. She is impressed because the symptoms have improved since she started to wear this necklace.

I also gave the necklace to the wife of my oldest son. She is happy because menstrual pain, which she suffered for many years, has gone away. We all feel refreshed because we can sleep well. My family members are all healthy despite this hot weather.

We have purchased 8 pcs of the necklace and 2 pcs of the bracelet. I hope you will offer a repair service because one or more of the 10 pcs may get broken.

I am not happy because the magnetic clasp allows me to take off quickly but it comes off easily when pulled.
[Please note]
Customer Reviews on this page are just for your reference and they do not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment. Customer Reviews written in Japanese are translated into English by Ion Trading.
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