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Q & A

(1) Is there an ideal distance between the detector and ores?
The detector has to maintain contact with ores during the measurement process.
(2) How is the accuracy of this product compared to air suction type ion counters?
It is similar to that of highly accurate air suction type ion counters.

Please note: The COM-3010PRO can handle ores which are smaller than the detector effective area (15.5cm2) (2.3 in2).
(3) How long does it take to measure the ion count in the "Standard mode"?
It takes 20 sec.
(4) Does it start working as soon as switched on?
Yes, it does. The measurement starts as soon as you turn it on. No warming up!
(5) Do I have to calibrate the counter during operation?
No, you don't have to.
(6) Can I measure ion densities in water?
No, you can't. This ion counter measures ion densities in the air only.
(7) Can I measure positive ions?
No, you can't.
(8) What is the lowest ion density this counter can measure?
It is 1 (pcs/cc).

Please note: 0-60 negative ion molecules per 1cc exist naturally in the air, so ion counts in this range are just for your reference only.
(9) Does this counter measure small ions?
Yes, it does. The COM-3010PRO detects negative ions generated when the air is ionized by radiation. And those ions are regarded as small ions.
(10) Can I use it outdoors?
Yes, you can but this product is not waterproof and it should not get wet.
(11) Do I have to do maintenance work?
No, you don't have to.
(12) Does this counter come with a warranty?
We offer a one year warranty.
(13) What are the differences between the COM-3010PRO and the EB-17?
The same measurement principle is used in both products. The COM-3010PRO has the following features compared to the EB-17.
  1. Automatic measurement mode => It automatically measures the average negative ion count of 8 consecutive 20 second measurements.
  2. Moving average mode => It measures the average of 16 negative ion counts collected during 35 seconds. The long measurement time provides more accurate negative ion count data.
  3. Radiation detection mode => The reading increases depending on the dose of radiation the counter detects. It works like a Geiger counter but the reading is for your reference only as it is not displayed in sievert (sv).
(14) What is the difference between an ion counter for ores and a counter for other than ores?
Here is the difference.

For ores:
A counter can measure negative ions only when a sample emits radiation.(*1) It is good for Silica, Monazite and radium ores. It provides stable measurement because it detects radiation and converts it to the negative ion count, so measurement is not affected by air flow. It does not work when a sample does not emit radiation.

*1: Ions are generated by ionization of radiation.

For other than ores:
A counter can measure negative ions even when a sample does not emit radiation. It is also good for Silica, Monazite and radium ores which emit radiation. i.e It does not matter if a sample emits radiation or not. However, measurement can be affected by air flow.
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Air Ion Counter for Ore COM-3010PRO
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