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Ceramic Balls You can enjoy tasty water containing rich minerals by high quality tourmaline ceramic balls, comfortable bathing by highly purified germanium ceramic balls.
My body is warmed up and kept warm. The skin becomes so sm
My car produces more power. No static electricity is gener
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Tourmaline stones High quality Brazilian tourmaline stones and powder. Tourmaline powder has been used as the material for tourmaline products by many corporate customers. You can enjoy tourmaline bathing by the stones and powder.
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Shampoo & Conditioner The tourmaline nano powder moisturizes hair and removes chlorine from the scalp, hair and pores. High quality tourmaline shampoo and conditioner.
My scalp no longer itches and my hair is softer.
It makes my hair feel so clean will 100% buy again!
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Shower Head Japanese high-quality shower head. Removes chlorine contained in water, reduce water consumption.
Its good to use the shower head to comb the hair during sh
The water pressure is weaker than I expected. It is too he
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Floating Stuffed Toys Cute floating stuffed toys which contains natural tourmaline stones. Yellow tiger, pink hippopotamus.
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Eco LUIDOR Germanium Moisture Gel (60g)
Eco LUIDOR Germanium Moisture Gel (60g)
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Junco Classic Tourmaline Soap (60g)
Junco Classic Tourmaline Soap (60g)
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Conscious Ion Soap (90g)
Conscious Ion Soap (90g)
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Kissing Roller for Skin Care
Kissing Roller for Skin Care
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Microcurrent & Terahertz Wave Beauty Roller
Microcurrent & Terahertz Wave Beauty Roller
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Polished Tourmaline Stones (1kg)
Polished Tourmaline Stones (1kg)
Price: US$109.51
White Tourmaline Powder (40-50micron, 1kg)
White Tourmaline Powder (40-50micron, 1kg)
Price: US$99.51
White Tourmaline Powder (3micron, 1kg)
White Tourmaline Powder (3micron, 1kg)
Price: US$143.76
Black Tourmaline Powder (40-50micron, 1kg)
Black Tourmaline Powder (40-50micron, 1kg)
Price: US$90.76
Skin Care Package for Tourmaline Bathing
Skin Care Package for Tourmaline Bathing
List Price: US$197.01
Price: US$178.51
You Save: US$18.50
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   •  Tourmaline Stones
   •  Shampoo & Conditioner
   •  Shower Head
   •  Floating Stuffed Toys
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   •  Tourmaline Facial Cleanser
   •  Tourmaline Stones & Powder
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[Please note] Testimonials on this page are just for your reference and they do not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment.
Mr. S.A
Miyagi, Japan
4 / 5-stars
"It makes the whole body warm and I feel good after having a bath with improved skin conditions!"
Our family of three purchased the polished tourmaline initially for use in the bathtub. We do not need 1kg for it since the capacity is 240L, so 700g is for the bathtub and the remainder is for drinking water. ...
Mr. T.S
Akita, Japan
4 / 5-stars
"I feel so comfortable as the body is kept warm after bathing!"
I have had psoriasis for many years. I have tried medical treatment and supplements but none worked. One day, I found that tourmaline bathing might work on the internet. I immediately called you. Thank you for giving me great advice. I started tourmaline bathing a month ago. This treatment is easy to do everyday because I just place the balls in the bathtub. ...
Ms. S.K
Aichi, Japan
4 / 5-stars
"My body feels warm in bed after tourmaline bathing!"
I purchased the tourmaline powder again. My body feels warm in bed after tourmaline bathing. I will order this product on a regular basis, so please maintain the current price. ...
Ms. M.F
Nara, Japan
5 / 5-stars
"Hot tourmaline water makes the body warm. How miracle!! Tourmaline water is tasty. "
Hot tourmaline water makes the body warm. I found the water was not clear the next day. I think this is because wastes are released from the body. The net bag is very useful. Drinking water tastes better. Thank you for your quick service and this great product. ...
Ms. C.W (Manual therapeutics)
Tochigi, Japan
4 / 5-stars
"Germanium water is mild. I perspire a lot even in winter and enjoy a good sleep!"
I am happy because: I purchased this product for germanium bathing. It really works! I have been using this product along with sample tourmaline. Our patients are happy because:

1. The germanium water is mild.
2. They enjoy a good sleep.
3. They perspire even in winter.

They are happy with germanium bathing. ...
Ms. A.U
Kochi, Japan
5 / 5-stars
"My husband has psoriasis. His chapped skin is healing!"
My husband has chronic dry skin. I heard that negative ions would be effective and searched on the internet. I decided to order this product because the stones are well polished and thought it would be easy to use. ...
Mr. S.N
Tokyo, Japan
4 / 5-stars
"It makes the body warm and the itching has gone. The hair becomes smooth!"
I decided to try tourmaline for my itching because my grandchild suffering from eczema got smooth skin after tourmaline bathing treatment. It makes the body warm and the itching has gone. The hair gets soft after washing with tourmaline hot water. ...
Mr. M.D
Horoshima, Japan
5 / 5-stars
"The whole body is heated. I have not got chilblains!"
I have been using the stones for tourmaline bathing. I sometimes sweat while sleeping as the body is kept warm after soaking in hot tourmaline water for a while. I purchased more stones for my daughter. She often had chilblains on her feet caused by bad blood circulation. Her feet are OK as of beginning of Jan. ...
Mr. K.O
Tokyo, Japan
4 / 5-stars
"The powder makes water soft. I enjoy the hot spring everyday!"
I put the powder into the bathtub. The water is soft. I enjoy the hot spring everyday. ...
Mr. H.T
Kanagawa, Japan
5 / 5-stars
"Chronic back pain is getting better. I am impressed with the negative ion effect!"
I am happy because: I have tried germanium hand/foot bathing before but this was the first time for germanium whole body bathing. I found this product on the internet and decided to purchase it because it was affordable. I am so impressed with the performance. I can enjoy hot spring at home. Chronic back pain is gradually getting better. ...
Ms. M.N
Tokyo, Japan
5 / 5-stars
"My husband was suffering from itchy skin. We were so impressed because the symptom went away on the 1st day!"
I am happy because: I bought a leg warmer made of fabric containing tourmaline from a friend of mine. She said that it would be good for health to put tourmaline stones into a bathtub. I found this product on the internet and purchased it. I bought the large one which contains more stones, so I put the stones into a thermos, kettle and water jug as well as the bathtub. ...
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