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Highly Hygroscopic Tourmaline Bed Sheet
Price: US$404.48
In stock. Ship in 3 days
3 out of 5 stars
The tourmaline bed sheet is made of high quality Japanese sinker pile fabric. The highly hygroscopic fabric provides long term comfort. The patented technology with proven performance in other products ensures negative ion generation. You feel warm in winter and cool in summer. Have a good sleep! Good for bedridden people.
No significant effects yet but It does feel soft and warm sleeping on
Tourmaline Mini Pillow (purple/blue)
Price: US$110.01
In stock. Ship in 3 days
4 out of 5 stars
Negative ion generation technology with proven performance is incorporated. The tourmaline mini pillow helps to reduce stress to the neck/back/feet. The polyethylene pipe beads inserted in the pillow provides a buckwheat husk like soft touch feel. You can relax during a long drive or break time.
It makes me feel warm.
It would be great it this pillow were softer!
Ecological Tourmaline Sheet (2X1m)
Price: US$150.01
In stock. Ship in 3 days
4.2 out of 5 stars
Tourmaline generates little amount of negative ions with no external pressure or friction. This tourmaline sheet generates negative ions by itself without such force. It can be placed under sheets. You can cut into any shape. It has been used as a material in many industries. It is also used to improve fuel efficiencies and power output in the car industry. 2X1m available.
They can sleep well until the next morning and they wake up refreshed.
We fall asleep quickly and sleep very deeply.
I used to have backache. The back often went numb while being seated.
- Variations
Tourmaline Trial Package - Great deal!
Tourmaline Trial Package - Great deal!
Price when ordered separately: US$372.53
Price: US$262.52
You Save: US$110.01
Price: US$87.51
For corporate use 50x1m (1 roll) - Great deal!
For corporate use 50x1m (1 roll) - Great deal!
List Price: US$4375.30
Price: US$2310.16
You Save: US$2065.14
(Tourmaline Bedding)
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[Please note] Testimonials on this page are just for your reference and they do not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment.
Ms. T.U
Saitama, Japan
4 / 5-stars
"I find I had a deep sleep when I wake up!"
It has been under my bedsheet. I felt the fresh air when I laid down on it. I enjoy a deep sleep. ...
Mr. H.O
Hyogo, Japan
5 / 5-stars
"I wake up refreshed and feel good even when I sleep an hour shorter than usual because I can sleep deeply!"
I became interested in negative ion related products and found Ion Trading while searching on the internet. The range of products you offer made me decide to place my 1st order. I dubiously cut the ecological tourmaline sheet into the shape of the pillow and placed it under the pillowcase. ...
Mr. T
Oita, Japan
5 / 5-stars
"Everyday I enjoy a good sleep. My mother-in-law is happy as it alleviates her back pain!"
I have been wearing the tourmaline ring around my arm for about 10 years. I sometimes put it on my shoulder as it helps to alleviate the stiffness. I have heard that the human body temperature stimulates negative ion generation. ...
Mr. H.C.K
Singapore-city, Singapore
5 / 5-stars
"Glad I bought it though was sceptical at first. Worth the investment for better night sleep!"
Started to use the tourmaline sheet on the first day, the product was nicely packed. Cut the sheet to the size of my pillow --fitted it under my pillow case. The product works well for my stiff neck -- shoulder, no more pain! Glad I bought it though was sceptical at first. Worth the investment for better night sleep. ...
Ms. Y.I
Brownridge, Canada
5 / 5-stars
"I can fall asleep faster and sleep deeper, it really works!"
After using about a 3 days ecological tourmaline sheet(i sleep directly on sheet) i start to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. It really works. ...
Mr. K.Y
Saitama, Japan
4 / 5-stars
"Her body feels warm. She is getting better!"
I purchased this product for one of my family members because I heard that tourmaline have beneficial effects on the human body. Actually, she has health problems and I thought it would be good for the treatment. ...
Ms. K.M
Tokyo, Japan
4 / 5-stars
"I purchased it for my insomnia. I can sleep better and wake up refreshed. "
I am happy because: I decided to purchase this tourmaline sheet from you after I did research on the internet because I had suffered from insomnia. I can sleep better than before and wake up refreshed. ...
Ms. J.M
New Brunswick, Canada
5 / 5-stars
"The circulation problems in my legs and muscle aches get much better!"
This product has helped a lot. I was having circulation problems in my legs and muscle aches from sitting to long for my job now I feel much better. I am waiting for the pink blanket to be in stock to purchase one. ...
Mr. P.F
Victoria, Australia
4 / 5-stars
"It gave me really good sleep & great warmth especially o chilly nights!"
Details about the effects = First use of the Tourmaline sheet gave me really good sleep & great warmth especially o chilly nights!

About dissatisfaction = Not happy as the material is a little rough and too small.

Other comments = Nice if we can have sheets 1.5 m x 2m at least. Don't mind paying more! ...
Mr. N.F
Tokyo, Japan
4 / 5-stars
"I can sleep well, feel good/rejuvenated and I am vitalized!"
I am happy because: I often visited your website as I had wanted this tourmaline sheet. Your CEO convinced me that it would definitely work when I called you. I placed it under my futon. I did not turn on the heater. ...
5 / 5-stars
"It makes me feel warm. I purchased it for my husband and daughter this time. "
I purchased one for myself last time because I was not sure if it would really produce tourmaline effects. I cannot do without it all year long. I purchased it for my husband and daughter this time because I wanted them to enjoy the tourmaline effects. Mine is 3 years old but it still makes me feel warm. ...
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(Tourmaline Bedding)
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