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Tourmaline Sheet

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Ecological Tourmaline Sheet (2X1m)
Price: US$150.01
In stock. Ship in 3 days
4.2 out of 5 stars
Tourmaline generates little amount of negative ions with no external pressure or friction. This tourmaline sheet generates negative ions by itself without such force. It can be placed under sheets. You can cut into any shape. It has been used as a material in many industries. It is also used to improve fuel efficiencies and power output in the car industry. 2X1m available.
My sore throat and gum painful more easy to recover. I feel not tired
It makes me feel warm and I can sleep very well!
I feel comfortable with the tourmaline pillow and the ecological sheet
- Variations
Tourmaline Trial Package - Great deal!
Tourmaline Trial Package - Great deal!
Price when ordered separately: US$372.53
Price: US$262.52
You Save: US$110.01
Price: US$87.51
For corporate use 50x1m (1 roll) - Great deal!
For corporate use 50x1m (1 roll) - Great deal!
List Price: US$4375.30
Price: US$2310.16
You Save: US$2065.14
Tourmaline Detox Sole Patch (30 pcs for 15days)
Price: US$42.00
In stock. Ship in 3 days
4.4 out of 5 stars
You just stick this tourmaline detox patch to the sole of your foot before going to bed and then wastes and impurities are released from the body while sleeping. It contains high quality Brazilian tourmaline, eucalyptus sap and agaricus mushroom. You will find the sweaty sole when you wake up refreshed in the morning. 30pcs available.
I am now blessed with a good nights sleep and awake to slender pain-fr
I purchased this product even though it was expensive because it conta
These tourmaline herbal patches are so refreshing and sooth my tired f
- Variations
8 pcs
8 pcs
Price: US$13.13
50 pcs - Great deal!
50 pcs - Great deal!
Price: US$65.63
Highly Hygroscopic Tourmaline Bed Sheet
Price: US$404.48
In stock. Ship in 3 days
3 out of 5 stars
The tourmaline bed sheet is made of high quality Japanese sinker pile fabric. The highly hygroscopic fabric provides long term comfort. The patented technology with proven performance in other products ensures negative ion generation. You feel warm in winter and cool in summer. Have a good sleep! Good for bedridden people.
No significant effects yet but It does feel soft and warm sleeping on
(Tourmaline Sheet)
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[Please note] Testimonials on this page are just for your reference and they do not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment.
Ms. M.M
Tottori, Japan
5 / 5-stars
"My mother, who suffered from insomnia, can sleep well. What an immediate effect! "
I gave this product to my mother who is farming every day. She got shoulder pain and her feet swelled at night and so she could not sleep well. I purchased this product in the hope to alleviate the symptoms. ...
Ms. Y.L
Singapore-city, Singapore
5 / 5-stars
"It really help to improve my sleeping problem, now, I can sleep well!"
I was having sleeping problem for more than a year, couldn't sleep well & difficult to fall to sleep at night. After I put the tourmaline sheet on the mattress, it really help to improve my sleeping problem, now, I can sleep well, feel fresh after wake up in the morning. Thanks to this tourmaline sheet. ...
Ms. Y.I
Ibaraki, Japan
4 / 5-stars
"It seems he has a good sleep because he no longer says " I cannot sleep well"."
I ordered the tourmaline sheet for my father as he could not sleep well. I cut into 2 sheets so that they fit both sides of his pillow cover. It seems he has a good sleep because he no longer says "I cannot sleep well." He has a better appetite now than before. I believe this must be thanks to your great product. I like it because I can cut into any shape. My mother has also been using it. She also enjoys a sound sleep. We are all happy with it! ...
Ms. S.O
Kanagawa, Japan
5 / 5-stars
"They can sleep well until the next morning and they wake up refreshed."

Reason(s) why I purchased from you: I was searching for a bedding product which would help me to have a good sleep. I decided to order this tourmaline sheet as it was affordable. ...
Mr. I.I
Kanagawa, Japan
4 / 5-stars
"However I do sleep more deeply and I less frequently wake up in the middle of night!"
I have been using it for more than a month. I have not found a significant effect which I experienced with the e-Ring. However I do sleep more deeply and I less frequently wake up in the middle of night. I will continue to wear the e-Ring. ...
Mr. K.O
Tokyo, Japan
5 / 5-stars
"Even after a hard work day, I recover from the exhaustion when I wake up in the morning. I am impressed with the performance!"
I feel better with the tourmaline sheet hidden under the bedsheet. Even after a hard work day, I recover from the exhaustion when I wake up in the next morning. ...
Mr. R.T
Miami, United States
4 / 5-stars
"I have been sleep better, in a deep sleep, I wake up with energy!"
This is the first time using the ecological Tourmaline sheet and I must say that since I got it, I have been sleep better, in a deep sleep, I wake up with energy, I think that the effect of negative ions is working very good for me. I like to know if you have any clothing items with negative ion material, I like to have those as well. ...
Ms. A.N
Aichi, Japan
5 / 5-stars
"Stiffness of the neck to shoulders has decreased. I enjoy a good sleep! "
I place this tourmaline sheet under my bed-sheet. I am so happy with the performance. I used to suffer from stiffness of the neck and shoulders and headache caused by the stiffness. I also had a minor pain when I raised the arm. I found this product when I was searching for a health related product which could help to alleviate these symptoms. I am more positive than before because I enjoy a good sleep and the pain has decreased. Thank you for this great product. ...
Ms. S.A
Tokyo, Japan
5 / 5-stars
"I wake up refreshed in the morning and my body is more flexible even after sleeping shorter hours!"
I have tried another tourmaline sheet before, which was good. This is why I purchased this tourmaline sheet as something similar to it. I am busy with work and do not have enough sleep. ...
Ms. M.T
Tokyo, Japan
5 / 5-stars
"I am so impressed as blood circulation of my feet and around the waist improves. It gently warms up the body!"
I am happy because: My friends told me about tourmaline effects but I was skeptical. I decided to try tourmaline because my blood circulation was not good, it started to cause pain as I became older and I started stone sauna (stone spa) treatment but it was not affordable and the sauna was far away from here. ...
Ms A.W
Tokyo, Japan
5 / 5-stars
"It helps to relieve fatigue and swelling in the feet goes away!"
I used to do this detoxification treatment everyday before going to bed. I now use this product when I do not have work the next day. The detoxification effects are more significant than before when I was doing the treatment everyday. It helps to relieve fatigue and swelling in the feet goes away. I am looking forward to the next day off! ...
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(Tourmaline Sheet)
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