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Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream (30g)
Price: US$67.85
In stock. Ship in 3 days
The Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream contains ultra-fine tourmaline powder and organic plant extracts, which are good for facial/body care. It not only moisturizes rough/dry skin but also provides a smooth and comfortable feel. It works for face lifting, arm trimming, firming slackened skin, weight loss, upper arm trimming, eye strain/ neck stiffness/ muscle pain relief and wrinkle/ liver spot removal. It is used at beauty salons and therapeutic clinics. 30g available.
Stiffness on the side of my neck has gone away. My skin does not get d
I am so happy because the swelling and pain in my ankle due to rheumat
Deep wrinkles below the eyes have faded. I enjoy looking into the mirr
- Variations
80g - Great deal!
80g - Great deal!
Price: US$173.26
300g - Great deal!
300g - Great deal!
Price: US$505.35
Tourmaline Biseki Flow Cream (30g)
Price: US$80.84
In stock. Ship in 3 days
It contains ultra-fine tourmaline powder, which has proven performance and organic plant extracts. It spreads well and penetrates deeply into the skin. You just do massage to ease stiffness of muscles and improve lymphatic/blood circulation. Good for reducing cellulite, easing stiffness, waist trimming, face lifting, treating swelling, firming slackened skin and removing fine lines around eyes. Used by professional estheticians, chiropractitioners and osteopathic physicians. This pot contains 30g.
Ankle pain and swelling in the feet subside! I keep standing during th
Dark circles around eyes have vanished!
I found my skin was smooth on the 2nd day! The back side of my thighs
- Variations
100g - Great deal!
100g - Great deal!
Price: US$202.10
200g - Great deal!
200g - Great deal!
Price: US$375.34
300g - Great deal!
300g - Great deal!
Price: US$519.70
Tourmaline Biseki Sonic Gel (160g)
Price: US$67.85
In stock. Ship in 3 days
The tourmaline Biseki sonic gel contains ultra-fine tourmaline powder, Algae extracts, which are sought after for their whitening, moisturization, skin firming and face lifting effects, and plant ingredients, which are gentle to the skin. These ingredients are well balanced. You can massage into your belly, legs, arms and other areas to tighten the body. 160g available.
I sprained my finger. I had ultrasonic with the gel treatment and it t
I am so happy because my chubby face has been tightened! I am about to
I apply this gel to areas where I have pain and then the pain is eased
- Variations
400g - Great deal!
400g - Great deal!
Price: US$155.91
Tourmaline Biseki PGS UV Essence (50ml)
Price: US$77.97
In stock. Ship in 3 days
The Tourmaline Biseki PGS UV Essence contains ultra-fine tourmaline powder, plant extracts, gold and platinum. This highly functional essence spreads evenly throughout your skin, leaves no white area or sticky feel and protects it from harmful UV rays. It prevents liver spots and freckles caused by sunburn. Your make-up will stay on longer if you use it as a base prior to applying foundation.
My skin is well moisturized. I am satisfied because it works better th
My skin is rejuvenated and feels natural. It is smooth!
I am so happy with this essence because it spreads well on my skin!
Biseki Snow White Face Pack (100g)
Price: US$66.42
In stock. Ship in 3 days
This new facial treatment replaces collagen injection treatment. You just apply this face pack. The fine clay particles penetrate deeply into the skin and remove secreted horny substances and dirt particles deposited in the pores to make the skin soft and supple like a baby's. You can apply this hypoallergenic face pack to your eyelids/lip and around the neck/chest where the skin is pigmented. This tube contains 100g.
You can wash out a minute after applying. You can apply this face pack
I use this facial pack when I take a bath. I hope dark spots on my nec
It seems the whole face has been lifted, refreshed, revitalized with w
- Variations
300g - Great deal!
300g - Great deal!
Price: US$173.26
Tourmaline Gel
Price: US$49.88
In stock. Ship in 3 days
Long-selling product with many repeat customers. Not medically approved but many reports of improved back pain and shoulder stiffness or faster cuts/scratch healing due to tourmaline effects. Good for skin/hair care and other applications.
Blood circulation improves and stiffness eases. I can no longer do wit
I gave it to a friend of mine who had back pain. She is happy because
I got psoriasis 5 years ago. The tourmaline gel works!
Made in Korea
All-round tourmaline BB cream 50ml
Price: US$49.88
In stock. Ship in 3 days
This is the world's first BB cream which contains tourmaline. It only takes a minute or two to complete daily skin care. The cream is gentle to sensitive skin and maintains the color of the foundation. You can enjoy clear skin with this innovative tourmaline BB cream. The skin surface is kept smooth as it spreads evenly and does not form layers even when you apply it repeatedly. 50ml available.
My foundation does not slip off and need retouching all the time!
Laugh lines and pores start to appear on the epidermis because of foun
It not only covers fine wrinkles and helps balance out discoloration b
- Variations
Price: US$23.63
12/50ml combo - Great deal!
12/50ml combo - Great deal!
List Price: US$73.50
Price: US$66.15
You Save: US$7.35
Eco LUIDOR Germanium Moisture Gel
Price: US$72.50
In stock. Ship in 3 days
The Eco Germanium Moisture Gel contains Nano Germanium/Gold, Coenzyme Q10 and Tourmaline. Your skin is kept moisturized as moisture penetrates deeply into the skin. It enhances skin immunity to prevent dry skin and irritation and makes the skin smooth and supple.
I cannot do without this gel because it is good for my sensitive skin.
Skin is moisturized and becomes smooth and soft. Red spots caused by p
Tourmaline Face Skin Care Cream with UV protection
Price: US$56.25
In stock. Ship in 3 days
The Tourmaline Face Skin Care Cream moisturizes skin, brightens and balances skin tone and protects from UV rays.
The skin is naturally covered with the thin layer!
I use it to protect my skin from UV radiation. The skin stays more smo
I am happy with this cream because my skin does not get dry and make-u
(Tourmaline Cream, Gel)
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   •  Tourmaline Cream, Gel
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   •  Tourmaline Facial Cleanser
   •  UV Protection
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[Please note] Testimonials on this page are just for your reference and they do not guarantee the efficacy/performance of the product. Please consult a doctor if you need medical treatment.
Ms. Keiko Saitou
Tokyo, Japan
"I tired a poultice/supporter. They did not work. Knee pain went away a few days after I started to apply this cream. "
Knee pain gradually started around last summer. I started to feel acute pain early Dec. It was hard to walk. I tired a poultice/supporter. They did not work. I cried everyday. ...
Mr. K.N
Mie, Japan
"I had had knee pain for 2 months. The pain completely went away before using up the 2nd pot. Thank you for this miracle cream. "
Reason(s) why I purchased from you: I found this product on the internet when I was searching for a remedy. Actually, the pain did ease. ...
Ms. Y.Y
Osaka, Japan
"I found my skin was smooth on the 2nd day! The back side of my thighs has been trimmed. "
I am happy because: You supply several Biseki products. I have been using this flow cream for my body care. I found my skin was smooth on the 2nd day. I think the back side of my thighs has been trimmed. ...
Ms. T.K
Yamagata, Japan
"I purchased it as I was diagnosed with gonarthrosis. I was so impressed because the pain had gone away the next morning. "
Reason(s) why I purchased from you: I found your website by chance. ...
Ms. H.K
Tokyo, Japan
"It helps to trim my tummy! You will see the difference if you apply this cream and do massage everyday. "
I am happy because: I have been using the Biseki flow cream for 2 weeks. I do massage around my tummy according to the instructions found on your web site. I was skeptical but I now find the difference. You will find an effect if you apply this cream and do massage everyday. ...
Ms. Y.K
Tokyo, Japan
"Knee pain dramatically eased on the 3rd day. I can go shopping without a stick. "
I am happy because: I have had knee pain since May 2011. The knee accidentally hit a stepladder and the bones were damaged in Feb 2013. I had MRI/CT/X-ray examinations at a hospital but the cause of the pain was not found. An acute pain sometimes struck me 4-5 times during day hours and after midnight and prevented me from sleeping. ...
Ms. A.J.M
Cavite, Philippines
"The discoloration of the skin disappeared! The skin moisturized and supple."
We all know the different kinds of skin discoloration attached to pregnancy and I was sadly one of the mothers who were affected by this problem. I suffered for months and months of grueling skin discoloration and since I cannot as for that moment apply any creams I waited until I gave birth last June 2012. Well, sad to say I was waiting patiently to have those black discolorations be removed especially in my neck area wherein most discoloration occurred but it never happened to me. ...
Ms. M.S
Chiba, Japan
"I had terrible back pain. Tears came out when I could walk!"
Knee pain, which had prevented me from walking, went away!
I was able to go out with a stick 3-4 years ago. I often went shopping with friends or visited my granddaughter to see my daughter. However, it has been hard to walk properly since last year. I knew that my legs and back were becoming weaker and weaker year after year but it was far more inconvenient than I had imagined. I was able to walk only a little bit in my house. ...
Ms. P.C.L
Hawaii, United States
"My back pain reduce, I can seat longer!"
After I used the tourmaline gel on my back about two week my back pain reduce I can seat longer. One time my friend have shoulder pain I apply two time on his shoulder the pain release. It is good gel. Thanks ...
Ms. M.A
Chiba, Japan
"I hurt my knees when I was exercising at a gym. I am impressed because I no longer have pain. "
I am happy because: I hurt my knees as I exercised too hard at a gym. I had treatment at a hospital. Neither a medical patch nor an ointment worked. I found the Biseki cream on the internet. ...
Ms. N.T
Hokkaido, Japan
"My face was lifted in about a week. My friends also say so."
Reason(s) why I purchased from you: I found your website by chance.

I am happy because: I found a tourmaline effect about a week after I started to used the flow cream. My face has been lifted and my friends also say so. I made a good decision. ...
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(Tourmaline Cream, Gel)
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