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How to Use

Prepare the following items.

·Object to paint on
·Paint brush which comes with the paint
·Disposable (wooden) chopsticks or something similar
·Newspaper or paper
·Rubber glove (Masking tape and sandpaper, if necessary)

Caution: Open the window to ventilate during painting work.
Before painting
Lay newspaper or paper on the floor to prevent the paint from getting everywhere, and wear rubber glove if necessary. Remove dust, oil and other particles on the painted area. You can use fine sandpaper to clean and smooth the surface, and mask off the areas with tape that you don't want to paint.
How to paint

Open the paint can and stir with a clean stick.

Soak 2/3 of the paint brush * in the paint and remove excess paint from the brush at the edge of the can.

*The paint brush comes with the tourmaline paint.

Paint the surface as thin and evenly as possible, let it dry and repeat this procedure to prevent cracks/wrinkles appearing. An unsmooth surface can lower negative ion counts. Do not try to complete in one go!
Dry time
After painting, let it dry at least an hour in a well-ventilated place.
·Before the paint is dried, wash the brush/glove and dry.
·Close the paint can securely, store in room temperature, and keep away from fire.
·Never dispose of paint-stained newspaper or paper in fire.
Examples of applications
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Tourmaline Paint
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How to Use
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Mr. K.N, Tokyo Japan
I have painted the flooring of the living room. It was strenuous work but the odor has gone. I was impressed with tourmaline's deodorant power. I will utilize it more because it is good for many applications and generates a lot of negative ions.
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