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Q & A

Q & A: Ion counter

(1) Can I measure natural ores which emit radiation?
Yes, you can if the natural ores emit certain amount of radiation. However, we suggest you should use the ion counter for natural ores if the radiation is very small amount.
(2) Does it require a warm-up time?
Yes, it requires at least 10 minutes after it is turned on for more accurate measurement.
(3) Do I need to perform zero adjustment before starting measurement?
We suggest you should conduct trial measurements 10 minutes after you turn it on and then perform zero adjustment after the reading stabilizes. This will ensure precise zero adjustment.
(4) Is it difficult to perform zero adjustment? How long does it take?
It is easy and it takes a minute or two under stable ambient conditions.
(5) Can I measure ions as soon as zero adjustment is completed?
Yes, you can.
(6) How long do I have to wait to start measurement after the counter is turned on?
You can start to measure ions 2 minutes after you turn on the counter.
However, we suggest you should conduct trial measurements 10 minutes after you turn it on and then perform zero adjustment after the reading stabilizes for accurate measurement.
(7) What is the ideal distance between the detector and the sample?
There is not an ideal distance. However, the ion count detected by the counter can be lower than it actually is when the sample is too far away from the counter. 10mm +/- will be fine. Please be sure that the sample never makes contact with the detector.
(8) How long is the time interval between data collection?
Ion count data is collected every second.
(9) Can I save data in the counter?
No, you cannot. The software, which comes with this product, enables you to save data in your PC.
(10) Do I have to perform zero adjustment after I change the ion polarity?
We suggest you should perform the zero adjustment after you switch the polarity for more accurate measurement.
(11) Can it perform continuous measurement for a few days?
This counter is not the best option for continuous measurement over a few days. This is because the adjusted zero point can shift during the measurement as the ambient temperature changes.

FYI: High-end model COM-3600 is recommended for continuous measurement.
(12) Can I measure ion densities in water?
No, you can't. This ion counter is for air ions.
(13) What is the lowest ion density this counter can measure?
It is 10 (pcs/cc).
(14) Can I measure large ions?
No, you can't. This ion counter is for small ions.
(15) Can I change the mobility?
No, you cannot. The mobility is a fixed value.
(16) Can I use it outdoors?
Yes, you can. (FYI:) It takes 4 hours +/- to charge the rechargeable built-in battery and then the counter works for 8 hours +-/.
(17) Does the software, which comes with the product, enable me to control the counter remotely?
You cannot control the counter remotely. The software is designed to display ion data on your PC.
(18) Do I need to adjust or calibrate the detector?
No, you do not need to.
(19) Does the detector detect foreign bodies?
No, it does not. It is possible that it has sucked something or it has become dirty if it is working improperly. Please contact us if this happens.
(20) Do I need to connect the counter to the ground?
Normally, you do not need to. We suggest you should connect it to the ground when the air is dry and static electricity is generated.
(21) Please tell me why the measurement tolerance is not found in the specs.
It is not included because there is no official standard to measure air ions and the tolerance. Measurement tolerances can be found in specs of products supplied by other companies but they can be theoretically calculated values.

FYI: The theoretically calculated measurement tolerance of the COM-3200PRO II is close to zero due to the precisely designed, manufactured and adjusted detector.
(22) What are the main differences between this counter and other low priced products?
The COM-3200PRO II has these advantages.
  • Despite the compact body, it provides stable measurement as it uses a detector ensuring large air flow.
  • The precisely designed, machined, finished and adjusted Japanese Gerdien capacitor provides highly accurate ion measurement.
  • The counter is designed to minimize impact of static electricity which can cause inaccurate measurement.
(23) Can I use this ion counter in my country? I think the voltage and AC plug are different from Japan.
You can use the COM-3200PRO II in most countries as it works with AC100-240V and comes with the AC plug adaptors for the countries.
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